Coronation Street spoilers: Ed has son Michael arrested after shocking act

Ed’s gambling habit spirals (Picture: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) reverts to his old gambling ways and makes a little error that may land Michael (Ryan Russell) in jail.

Soon after joining up with Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) for commercial purposes, Ed found himself increasingly drawn to the world of gambling.

He knew exactly what kind of problems he might get into, but unfortunately for Ed, the addiction had set in when he used Michael’s £1,000 to gamble on a horse the next week.

Ed goes home after the horse wins and conceals the money from Michael and Channique Sterling-Brown by putting it in a bag in the hallway.

Subsequently, Michael takes the bag without knowing what’s inside and goes to Underworld in an attempt to regain his job.

DS Swain (Vicky Myers), however, informs him that he must respond to some inquiries on Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) factory money theft when he arrives.

After responding to the questions, Michael opens his bag and is shocked to see a sizable amount of cash.

Ed is terrified to see Michael being taken away in a police car when DS Swain finds the money, since he is suspected of conspiring with Stephen to swindle Underworld.

Michael lands in trouble (Picture: ITV)

When Ronnie asks Ed about the friend who gave him the money later in the week, Ed gets upset.

Ronnie approaches Ed, wondering whether he’s been gambling longer than he’s admitting, and asks for the truth.

Ed acknowledges that he won on the horses, but he vows that he is through with gambling and that it won’t occur once more.

Is he being honest, though?

And now that Michael was detained due to Ed’s conduct, where does that leave him?

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