Coronation Street spoilers: Daniel devastated over tragic death

Daniel struggles (Picture: ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) muses over the passing of his wife Sinead Tinker.

2019 saw the death of Katie McGlynn’s character Sinead, who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Numerous prizes were given to the tragic plot, which won several accolades. Daniel has since fallen in love with Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan), but his feelings for Sinead haven’t diminished.

At the beginning of the week, Daisy is the center of attention as she is working so hard to keep Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) silent following her infidelity with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott).

Daisy enters the café and threatens Lauren, saying she won’t be blackmailed by a useless brat like her, and she won’t be getting another money, in an attempt to take control of the situation.

In another scene, Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) warns Ryan to stay away from Daisy after he confesses his feelings for her and believes she feels the same. She believes he will only end up wounded.

Daniel tells Daisy at the conclusion of the week that, because Sinead passed away four years ago, he would be taking Bertie to see her grave later.

Sinead died in 2019 (Picture: ITV)

Ryan and Daisy struggle to navigate their feelings (Picture: ITV)

As their conversation goes on, Daniel offers Daisy the idea that he use the proceeds from the sale of his mother’s property to purchase Elaine Jones’s (Paula Wilcox) Redbank apartment.

Daniel is unhappy when Daisy, who is unclear about her emotions for Ryan, covers up and suggests that they hold off on relocating until she has a legitimate job.

Charlotte Jordan stated, “She’s tried to put distance between them; she knows what’s right and wrong, but once she’s in a private space with Ryan, it all seems to go out the window and she totally follows her heart and lives to regret it every time.”

However, she seems unable to assist herself. Everything revolves on their trauma bond—how no one else can truly comprehend what they’ve gone through or what keeps them together when she’s by themselves with him.

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