Coronation Street spoilers: Ed is horrified after discovering brother Ronnie’s betrayal which lands them in crisis

Disaster strikes (Picture: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Trevor Michael Georges and Vinta Morgan’s characters Ed and Ronnie Bailey have made the decision to start a company together.

However, as Ed discovers a significant truth about his sister, the brothers are burdened by money, notably Ronnie’s money, just like many other individuals at this time.

an animated Ed informs Ronnie of a property parcel that is for sale and has a permit for six homes. While fully aware that he has already used their money, Ronnie reluctantly agrees to see the specifics since he is confident they can make a fortune.

Ronnie is talking to Debbie (Sue Devaney) in the cafe when she tells him that he just has to delay his brother for a few more days.

Ronnie is informed by Debbie toward the end of the week that Newton and Ridley shares have plummeted and that he should hope Waterfords make an offer soon. Ronnie informs Ed in a panic that he is having second thoughts about the project and believes they should abandon it.

How will Ed react? (Picture: ITV)

Ronnie then spots Henry (George Banks) outside and nudges him to accept Waterford’s offer after hearing Henry (Banks) inform the bar employees that his Dad is about to sell the brewery.

Ronnie is forced to explain that there is no money since he spent it all on shares in Newton & Ridley that are now worthless later that day when Ed says he has contributed a little toward the land.

How will Ed respond, though?

If the Bailey family is left with nothing, what does it mean?

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