Coronation Street spoilers: Carla on the warpath as she discovers she was spiked by LSD

Here we go (Picture: ITV)

Carla Connor (Alison King) at last starts to question whether her previous mental health issues in Coronation Street were more than just that.

We are aware that Carla’s health began to deteriorate as a result of Stephen (Todd Boyce) giving her LSD. He did this in the hopes that Carla would eventually resign from her position at Underworld and allow Stephen to take control.

While Stephen Reid’s scheme may be effective at the time being, something about it almost always comes back to haunt him.

This occurs once again in later episodes when Carla becomes aware of the side effects LSD might have on Rufus.

Viewers will recall that Stephen didn’t have the notion to poison Carla until they had already seen Rufus using the equipment. Rufus approached Stephen after figuring out what he was doing as the months passed and he continued to put LSD in Carla’s beverages.

After Stephen prevented Rufus from telling the truth, this resulted in his death.

Stephen continues to make mistakes (Picture: ITV)

Back in the present, Carla tells Roy (David Neilson) that her symptoms were the same as Rufus’s and that she thinks she could have been LSD-drugged.

Roy (Chris Gascoyne), who is unconvinced and believes she is once again experiencing paranoia, expresses his worries to Peter, but how will he respond?

Will Carla discover that Stephen was involved from the beginning?

He continues to present himself as a businessman since that is who he is in the first place, but Todd Boyce noted that this can only mask the truth for so long.

“He has this obsession with looking successful, and that’s what led to the first murder,” a witness said. He was motivated by this to steal from his mother. It’s just a bunch of futile attempts to seem successful.

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