Coronation Street spoilers: Exit drama confirmed for Evelyn and Cassie Plummer leaving Tyrone Dobbs in turmoil

Just when things finally started to settle (Picture: ITV)

To put it mildly, things haven’t always been easy between Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) and her daughter Cassie (Claire Sweeney) on Coronation Street.

Evelyn usually bears the consequences, even in cases where Cassie has made an effort to assist, such when she intervened when Evelyn suspected a guy of operating a puppy farm.

Even Cassie’s attempts to form a close rapport with her granddaughters, Hope (Isabella Flanagan) and Ruby (Billie Naylor), have often backfired due to Tyrone’s disdain of Cassie’s attempts to be a cool grandmother. It was a bad idea to get Hope a nose piercing for her birthday.

As Fiz and Jennie McAlpine prepare to return from their maternity leaves and return to their jobs in Norfolk, the focus shifts to where everyone will reside. Evelyn and Cassie realize that one of them will need to vacate number 9.

When Fiz and Tyrone get home, they are still debating who should move out—each of them has decided that the other should.

Although Fiz wasn’t expecting a homecoming, she tries to be as diplomatic as she can by telling Tyrone that he will have to decide between his mother and his grandmother.

In January, Jennie McAlpine announced that she was filming at Corrie once more. Alan Halsall posted a photo of his entire Corrie family on Instagram, featuring Fiz at the center of the action.

When Cassie and Evelyn realize that only one of them gets to stay in the family house, they start to become competitive.

They both attempt to wow Tyrone with their culinary prowess, knowing that the path to his heart is via his stomach.

Poor Ty, he can’t decide between the two of them and declares that he wants them both to stay instead of picking just one. Fiz is quick to point out that this is obviously not going to work.

Will they all be able to resolve the issue of too many people at number 9?

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