Coronation Street spoilers: Glenda’s surprising love interest revealed after weeks of speculation

Well, we didn’t expect this (Picture: ITV)

Next week on Coronation Street, Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) will experience love as she shares a kiss with someone we completely did not anticipate.

Ryan Russell’s character Michael Bailey.

Let’s just say that Glenda could use a little happiness right now. Following her involvement in a break-in at the bar, Glenda was horrified to learn of her father’s will.

It was discovered that Archie, the father of Glenda and George (Tony Maudsley), had departed the funeral home under both of their identities, not only George’s.

Glenda became resolved to try and address the situation, but she repeatedly encountered George’s wrath—someone who thinks she isn’t competent of managing a significant corporation.

George discovers the reality (Image: ITV)

Future episodes will have Glenda being evasive and telling Michael that her brother is still unaware that she is suing him over the will, when George inquires about how her acquisition of Little Big Shotz is progressing.

That afternoon, Glenda spends time with Michael as she confides in her new acquaintance that she regrets suing her brother. Nevertheless, Glenda is appreciative of Michael’s assistance when he tells her that Archie intended for her to own half of the company.

Later in the week, Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) informs Glenda that she is also entitled to half of George’s home during their meeting. Dee-Dee shows along while George is trying to impress a possible rich customer, and she presents the letter outlining Glenda’s claim to half of the company and property.

Glenda is attacked by an enraged George as he bursts into the tavern, but she refuses to back down, informing her brother that she will see him in court.

Glenda later confides in Michael that she was always the second fiddle and that their father always preferred George.

She is sweet, humorous, and intelligent, Michael tells her, and he draws her in for a kiss!

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