Joel’s unexpected act after Lauren murder twist in Coronation Street as another life is ruined

Shock moves, secrets exposed and new despair next week (Picture:

While we may be close to finding out who murdered Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) on Coronation Street, we also have our eyes fixed on next week because fresh spoilers indicate that the drama doesn’t end there.

With all eyes on him after his arrest, things are not looking good for filthy paedophile Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper), when his lawyer Joel Deering (Calum Lill) shows in to negotiate his plea.

There are also repercussions for other people; Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) declares Carla Connor (Alison King) guilty when she supports Bobby Crawford’s (Jack Carroll) fabricated confession to the police.

Joel is considering getting married, so there’s much more going on than his portrayals of a possible murderer.

Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) is confused after an unpleasant encounter with his parents, and she becomes even more confused when Joel pops the question!

As Leanne (Jane Danson) becomes more and more enmeshed in the cult, there are significant changes for the Battersby sisters elsewhere in Weatherfield.

Nick (Ben Price) and Toyah (Georgia Taylor), who are prepared to go to any lengths to rescue her, start to worry when she falls into their trap.

Toyah’s situation, however, takes a turn for the worst when she is taken into custody and charged with the baby’s murder from all those years ago.

Monday June 3

Joel informs Dee Dee that in order for her to meet his parents tomorrow, he has reserved a table at the cafe. He leaves to talk to Nathan about his request. Craig is informed by Bethany about Ellie and how Nathan used to mistreat her as well. Bethany also gives Craig Ellie’s address.

When Craig arrives at Ellie’s apartment, her roommate informs him that she has moved out and that she seems afraid of something. Dee-Dee tells Adam how Bobby set up Daniel by making up a statement to the police, and Carla believed it.

Daniel is keen to get things off his chest (Picture: ITV)

Adam tells the Barlows that Bobby gave the police a fake statement, making Daniel a top suspect in the murder of Lauren. The Barlows then get together at the Rovers.

An emotional Abi tells Kevin that one of the deepfake videos has been republished by her internet troll. When Craig phones Abi and Kevin in the garage, he acknowledges that they still don’t know who uploaded the phoney footage and suggests that she would be better off hiring an attorney.

Abi is distraught that someone is attempting to destroy her life when two boys call at the garage and make crude comments. Nina advises that they give the internet management business that Dev contacted for Asha a go.

When Leanne does, in fact, return from the retreat, she tells everyone that she remained an additional night because her workshop went over.

When Simon bids farewell, there are conflicting emotions. (Image: ITV)

Leanne is incensed because no one thought to ask her before Simon announces that he’s heading off to join Peter on his boat. Nick reassures her that he left Rowan a message, which he evidently neglected to deliver.

Leanne loses control and accuses Nick of plotting behind her back with Toyah. Leanne waves her son off and uses her laptop to talk to someone. She tells them that Simon is gone, that she is alone, and that she wishes she could be with them.

Nina gets an idea when Sam acknowledges that he is not a good chess player.

Wednesday June 5

Joel hears Dee-Dee’s confession that she’s anxious to meet his parents. Joel cautions her that while they may seem distant at first, they will adore her in due course. Joel’s parents, Anthea and Gus, make it obvious that they disapprove of Dee Dee, so it’s an uphill struggle.

Joel’s parents are introduced to Ed by Dee-Dee when he phones the restaurant. Anthea clearly has contempt for Dee-Dee, and when she says something condescending, Dee-Dee rushes off.

She is taken aback when Joel shows up at the corner store apartment, apologises for his mother’s actions, and asks Dee-Dee to marry him.

To say Dee-Dee is gobsmacked is an understatement! (Picture: ITV)

Toyah learns from Bethany that a former coworker of hers attempted to publish an exposé on the Institute but encountered a brick wall. Leanne embraces Rowan as he calls at the apartment.

Leanne is furious when Rowan shows her Toyah’s critical postings about the Institute. Toyah gets a handwritten note handed to her at the restaurant. When she learns that the Institute is suing her for defamation and has obtained an injunction, she is astonished. Will she give up on her anti-Institute campaign?

Nick makes an effort to convince Leanne that Toyah is attempting to shield her from a deranged group.

Leanne won’t listen, so she opens her laptop, tells the person on the screen she loves them, and grins at them as Nick leaves.

The adoptive mother of the twins recognises she has to attempt to have the tapes removed when she has to postpone their trip to see Abi. Kevin and Abi are devastated to learn that the internet management business would want £5k a month to get the films taken down; they are aware that this is not something they can afford.

Abi has no control over her predicament (Picture: ITV)

Glenda is not feeling good about her plan (Picture: ITV)

Glenda is evasive and tells Michael that George is still ignorant that she is suing him over the will when he asks how her acquisition of Little Big Shotz is progressing.

Knowing that George is a wonderful guy, Glenda feels bad when he informs her that he is sending some money to Eileen since Jason’s medical insurance has run out.

Michael is informed by Glenda that she regrets suing George. Glenda is appreciative of Michael’s support when he tells her that her father intended for her to own half of the company.

Ken treats Carla and Bobby poorly at the café and expresses his displeasure with the way they handled Daniel. Carla is in horrible pain.

a pathetic Bobby informs Carla that he’s been nothing but trouble, therefore it’s better if he moves out. After Carla gives her approval, a distraught Bobby goes to his bedroom to gather his belongings.

Friday June 7

Toyah is taken aback when she discovers Leanne declaring her love for someone on her laptop screen. She believes it is Rowan, but Leanne disputes it.

After Toyah tells Nick what she heard, Nick is taken aback and immediately returns home to discover Rowan and Leanne cuddled together on the couch.

Is Leanne going to get an explanation? When the police show up and Kit arrests Toyah for murder after a baby’s corpse is discovered buried in the park, Toyah begs Leanne to open her eyes and see Rowan for who he truly is.

Toyah’s life is about to implode (Picture: ITV)

Glenda is informed by Dee Dee that she is also entitled to half of George’s home. While George attempts to win over a potentially rich customer, Dee Dee brings the letter outlining Glenda’s demand for half of his company and home.

Glenda is chastised by an angry George as he bursts into the tavern, but she doesn’t back down and tells him she’ll see him in court.

Glenda confides in Michael that she was the second fiddle and George was their father’s choice. She is sweet, humorous, and intelligent, Michael tells her, and he draws her in for a kiss.

Bethany is enraged to learn that someone has been using her former work credit card illegally after she finally managed to have her mail diverted from London. Daisy suggests that she get copies of the statements in an effort to disprove her inability to make the transactions. Joel is asked for guidance by Bethany.

Yasmeen tells Ken that Stu appears a little down and that she would appreciate it if he could come over for birthday drinks.

Tyrone rips a piece off Cassie for attempting to sabotage Kevin and Abi, and he advises her to make amends if she wants her job back.

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