Coronation Street spoilers: Heartbreaking suicide story revealed for Paul

Paul expresses his opinions (ITV image)

In Coronation Street, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) originally suffered after learning he had motor neurone disease, but now that he has come to terms with the fact that he would pass away sooner than expected, it seems he wants to decide exactly when his last moments occur.

Paul will go to a meeting of the MND support group this week.

He will run into Shelley, a woman in a wheelchair. Paul is kind and helpful, but he ends up quitting the group because he is scared by Shelley’s wheelchair and the glimpse into his future.

Paul runs into Shelley once more as he waits for his appointment at the MND clinic as a new week begins. Paul is taken aback by her upbeat demeanour as they continue conversing. Finally, Shelley tells Paul to take charge and that he must act right now if he has anything he wants to accomplish.

When Paul gets home, he tells Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) how Shelley has made it easier for him to see things clearly and that he has a crucial question for him.

Billy converses with Summer (Harriet Bibby) as time passes, and it becomes clear that he thinks Paul could pop the question.

Sadly, Billy has the wrong impression when Paul sits him down and requests his partner’s assistance in ending his life when the time comes.

Billy is introduced to his friend by Paul (ITV image)

How will Billy respond, though?

Dan Brocklebank told us, “He is absolutely horrified.”

Because it not only contradicts his own moral principles but also his duty as an archdeacon, which places a strong emphasis on appreciating the time they have left together rather than ending it. He is therefore frightened beyond belief that Paul is even thinking about it.

Billy is scared that he might not go to paradise and that they won’t run into each other in the hereafter since he is so concentrated on the fact that Paul isn’t baptised. Billy wants to terminate his life because of this. Paul correctly notes that you are already concentrating on the finish, which raises further problems.

And Billy isn’t yet prepared to confront it. Paul comments, “I don’t want to think about that bit yet,” in contrast to Billy, who is already focused on what will happen once he is gone.

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