Coronation Street spoilers: The end confirmed for Spider after shooting

Spider’s work endangered Toyah. (Images from ITV)

In Monday’s (July 17) Coronation Street, Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) encountered a distressing realisation.

Spider was proven to be an undercover police officer after his return. Spider’s life has been a little quieter after successfully aiding in the destruction of Griff (Michael Condron) and his gang, but everything changed last week.

Spider was advised to leave Weatherfield for his own protection since Griff and his gang were seeking retribution. However, after Spider left Weatherfield, Toyah (Georgia Taylor) was kidnapped from the apartment, putting her life in peril.

It became clear that Spider, and not Griff’s group, was the only one who recognised this woman from a prior position. He arrived in a waste area and discovered the lady holding a gagged Toyah prisoner in Monday’s episode of the ITV soap opera.

The woman with the gun was the spouse of a deceased guy. She took Toyah because she wanted Spider to feel the same way she did when she was upset with Spider. Accepting his job, Spider assured Maggie that he had no regrets and will always act in the best interests of the world, which included seeing to it that her drug-dealing husband was eliminated.

When Maggie’s rifle blasted off, the ordeal was over. Toyah, who believed Spider had been murdered, was reassured by Spider when he phoned DS Swain (Vicky Myers) and the rest of the squad while wearing a bulletproof vest.

Spider’s work endangered Toyah. (Image from ITV)

Back at the flat, Toyah proposed the theory that Spider quit his work as an undercover detective because she was afraid of losing him forever.

He refuted her claim that Spider had changed by pointing out that it wasn’t actually the case. He was still the same environmentally conscious Spider we first met more than 20 years ago; he was simply concentrating on other ways to change the world rather than just going to environmental rallies.

Toyah made the choice for Spider after realising that he wouldn’t. She asserted that they shouldn’t be together if he can’t prioritise their relationship.

Spider’s expression spoke it all with his eyes. Toyah called it quits with him since he would never quit his work.

What happens to these two now?

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