Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny destroys killer Stephen’s plans leaving him seething

She doesn’t like the plan. (Image: ITV)

This week on Coronation Street, Todd Boyce’s character Stephen Reid is a man on borrowed time.

Since Leo’s corpse has been found, the serial killer’s walls are closing in. Stephen is well aware of what’s going to happen when the police investigate; it won’t be long before Teddy’s corpse is discovered and the truth about Rufus’s death is made public.

He thus hopes to use his charm to persuade partner Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) that leaving Weatherfield is a smart decision.

Next, however, Jenny informs Stephen that although she can see the allure of relocating permanently to Thailand, she just considers it a pipe dream and that a vacation would suffice.

In an attempt to push the concept even further, Stephen then shows Jenny a photo of a pub in Thailand and says he’s been seeking for a new manager for his buddy who owns it.

Jenny understands how serious he is about moving, but it’s obvious in the beginning of the week that she won’t be persuaded.

Jenny just learned about Leo’s passing. (Image: ITV)

But after a few days, Jenny makes a decision and decides to go to Thailand, telling Rita (Barbara Knox) over the phone at the Kabin.

Stephen is ecstatic when Jenny tells him at the café that she would love to go away.

But will he succeed in reaching Thailand, or will Stephen be apprehended by the authorities?

Considering that previously published images also capture the scene in which Stephen tries to strangle Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), would he murder one more person before fleeing?

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