Coronation Street spoilers: Killer Stephen closes in on Jenny as his next victim

Stephen begins to encroach (ITV image)

In Coronation Street, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) is still after Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), which is undoubtedly dangerous for both characters.

Jenny is in grave danger as a result of Stephen’s blunders, which raise the possibility that his actual nature may be discovered. If Jenny is the one to realize anything is wrong, she could become Stephen’s next victim.

Coming up, Jenny informs Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) that she has signed the dotted line and no longer owns the boozer when she returns to the Rovers with Stephen in tow.

Stephen finds an upset Jenny spending time in the backstage and tells her it’s time to start putting herself first before embracing her and giving her a passionate kiss.

After sharing a bed, Jenny and Stephen leave the room in a state of love.

Jenny offers to pay for them to take a trip while they converse.

It’s not good. (Image from ITV)

Tim (Joe Duttine) walks up and tells Jenny not to trust Stephen. Later, the businessman laments to Jenny about being forced to live on the street after learning that Elaine (Paula Wilcox) is selling her apartment.

Todd Boyce mused on why Stephen wants Jenny so desperately and stated, “She’s funny, she’s sexy, he just wants her on his arm.”

He just considers her to be the bee’s knees. Back then, she captured his attention, and that was all. She is a persona. Yeah. She is feisty and assertive, in my opinion, on every level. Gabrielle had knowledge and attitude, but Jenny also had the extra quality of being a lot of fun, while Gabrielle wasn’t really funny. He loves ladies like that.

“The thing is, his love for smart, sassy women could be his undoing. Gabrielle got the better of him, and who’s to say Jenny won’t do that too… “

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