Billy left stunned by dying Paul’s shocking request at the lake in Coronation Street spoiler video

According to a recent Coronation Street diagnosis of motor neurone illness, Paul Foreman’s (Peter Ash) predicted lifetime would be considerably shortened.

He has created a bucket list of things to achieve before he dies as a result, and one of them is about to surprise partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), as a new spoiler video reveals.

After Paul overheard Billy stating that he wouldn’t still be with Paul after his acts if he weren’t sick, the future of their relationship was in doubt when we last saw Billy and Paul on the program.

However, it seems like the two will work things out as they soon travel to the lake to spend some much-needed quality time together.

They seem upbeat as they make jokes, compare the situation to a movie, and consider their “perfect day.”

Billy is persuaded to go skinny swimming by Paul (ITV image)

Paul acknowledges that there is one item that could have made it better, but he doesn’t believe it has been entirely flawless.

He then recommends that they go skinny swimming, telling Billy that it is what they would do in movies, leaving Billy speechless.

Paul argues that Billy must do it since it’s on his bucket list when Billy resists.

Billy keeps coming up with justifications, fearing that others would see them and mentioning that he “is a man of the cloth.”

But Paul won’t take no for an answer, so soon they are both taking off their clothes.

Will this be the ideal way to conclude an ideal day, as Paul hopes?

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