Coronation Street spoilers: Killer Stephen pines for Jenny amid bad news

It may just as easily be scrawled on his forehead (Images: ITV).

Recently, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) made it clear to Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) that there would be no prospect of them having a relationship while he is with Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox).

Last year, Stephen became interested in Jenny, but Leo prevented him from getting closer to her.

Todd Boyce explained, “The simple worry was that Leo knew too much, but it’s all connected to Jenny; it’s so sickening that he killed her fiancé then moved in quite easily to adopt her as his love interest.”

And since Teddy was beginning to speak to Jenny about Leo’s abduction, he wanted Teddy out of the way—either in Canada or eventually dead.

The person who is now coming in the way of Stephen is Owen (Ben Hull), who not only has his sights set on Jenny but also has plans to take over Underworld entirely and leave Stephen with nothing.

In forthcoming episodes, Stephen will deposit £480 from Underworld into a personal account under the name of Seagull Ltd in order to pay the next installment of Elaine’s life insurance policy, with his constant need for money at the forefront of his thoughts.

Owen is asking to examine the corporate finances, Carla (Alison King) interjects as he casts a longing glimpse towards Jenny.

Will Owen be able to identify the suspicious transactions if Stephen hides his anxiety?

Carla has some unfavourable news (ITV picture)

What will he say in that case?

He truly does feel something for Jenny, Todd said, and he even tells her that he prefers her over Elaine because they would get along so much better.

But she made it obvious to him that they would have no chance while he was with Elaine. Now that he understands that he probably shouldn’t have said it to her, he believes he must wait. But he doesn’t need Owen moving in with Jenny since they could end up dating for a long time and he just views Elaine as a temporary relationship before he dates Jenny. He is dating Elaine in order to make money and benefit from their relationship.

He has been crazy for Jenny from the first time they kissed, and she is the objective in his eyes.

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