Corrie’s Daniel star could be next serial killer as he drops huge Ryan murder clue

EXCLUSIVE: Coronation Street hunk Daniel Osbourne – played by Rob Mallard – could be set to take a dark turn as his relationship with Daisy Midgeley hits the rocks

Rob Mallard, a fan favourite on Coronation Street, has indicated that his Daniel Osbourne character may be the Cobbles’ next serial murderer.

ITV viewers have been hooked to their televisions for the past several weeks as Daisy Midgeley and Ryan Connor have become closer as a result of Justin Rutherford’s horrible acid assault last month.

As loyal viewers will recall, the barmaid has been catfishing her ex-boyfriend while posing as Crystal for several weeks.

And things rapidly came to a head when, secretly and without Daniel’s knowledge, the couple made love shortly after Justin was given a life sentence in prison.

Coronation Street’s Rob Mallard has hinted his character Daniel could take a dark turn (Image: WireImage)

The TV hottie now suggests that his character may take a dark turn in an exclusive chat with Daily Star from the British Soap Awards.

He responded in the affirmative when asked if the instructor would learn about their secret kiss.

“I don’t sure how he finds out because it hasn’t been written, but based on that, it will probably happen later. I do, however, hope that they will clash when he learns about it.

His friendship with Daisy is going to crumble. (Photo: ITV)

The soap star then admitted that after knowing the reality about their affair, he may turn out to be the next Cobbles serial murderer.

I’d love to [be a killer], said Rob. I must be doing well since nobody seems to remember that I shoved Ken [Barlow] down the stairs.

And I pushed Max [Turner] because that is my M.O. I’ve pushed two men down the stairs: one who was 80 years old and the other who was 17 years old.

The soap opera star said that he may turn into the next Cobbles killer (Image: ITV).

The basic guideline is that everyone should use caution while near Daniel and the stairs, he continued. I have a visage that may be that of a budding serial murderer.

The actor continued by assuring fans that Daniel and Daisy would eventually get married, but that their bond will be put to the test over the next months.

Rob said when asked if they would still get married: “I suppose so, certainly someday. But I doubt it will anytime soon since cheerful personalities don’t produce tension.

I’m hopeful that we’ll get to see more of the conflict before the wedding since Daniel and Daisy’s personalities are so unlike that when they fight, they truly clash.

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