Coronation Street spoilers: Lauren makes a confession to Max which rocks him

Lauren is having trouble adjusting to life in Weatherfield. (Image from ITV)

Things between Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) and Max Turner (Paddy Bever) have become a bit more challenging since Cait Fitton’s recent return to Coronation Street.

Lauren originally wished for Max to stand by her father Reece (Scott Anson), who is now doing time for far-right offenses. She also made an attempt to approach Max, showing that she was still interested in him despite his claims that he had moved on to his new girlfriend Sabrina (Luana Santos).

Although Max still wanted to be friends with Lauren, he warned her that if she kept helping her dad, she would be on her own in his eyes.

Future episodes will reveal that although though Lauren is ignoring her dad’s calls, she still thinks about him sometimes. Max is really stunned when Lauren admits she misses her father.

According to Cait Fitton, who believes that her character was just as much a victim of Reece’s gang’s far-right grooming as Max was, the connection between Lauren and Reece is complicated.

She said, “I believe she has inherited her father’s beliefs and opinions, and she has never been able to make her own choices, have her own decisions, or make her own ideas of things.” “I believe that parents have such a significant impact on a child’s life that if hate is all around you, how can you possibly know any other way?” When others tell her that’s not right since that’s how she’s been raised, she’s bewildered because that’s all she’s ever known.

Lauren begins a new job (ITV image)

Max is understandably alarmed by the thought that Lauren may be swayed by Reece to return to these viewpoints.

Lauren is grateful when Roy (David Neilson) agrees to make the position permanent when Shona (Julia Goulding) offers her a job at the café to help her out.

Max is increasingly concerned about Lauren’s relationship to Reece now that she seems to be a permanent fixture on the Street. Sabrina then informs him that she is not interested in a relationship with him as long as Lauren remains in his life, which just serves to muddle matters more.

How will Max choose to proceed?

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