Coronation Street spoilers: Paul and Todd hide tragic secret from oblivious loved ones

Paul converses with Todd (Image: ITV)

A few months ago, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), who suffers from motor neurone illness, informed Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) that he would prefer assistance in terminating his life. This brought up the issue of assisted dying on Coronation Street.

It seems sense that Billy was appalled.

Paul ended up discussing his desire with Todd (Gareth Pierce) at the bar as the pair gave each other space.

Paul was able to comprehend Billy’s perspective thanks to Todd, and this was sufficient to convince the character to reconsider.

Future episodes, meanwhile, seem to indicate Paul still wants to address this challenging topic.

The emphasis of Paul and Billy at the beginning of the week is their stag do. Billy is first shocked to see all the glitter and rainbows as they arrive to the Bistro, where it is being hosted.

Two police officers pay Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) a visit as the event starts. They interrogate her over a possible fraud probe involving Paul’s acquaintance Shelley, but Bernie insists that she has just been assisting a lady suffering from motor neuron disease in picking up a few packages.

Bernie was assisting Shelley with her financial scam. (Image: ITV)

Then, the cops give Bernie a shocking discovery that will make Paul shudder.

Afterwards, Todd is approached by Paul, who requests that he remain quiet about the assisted dying plan.

Given that he is also shown confessing to Mary (Patti Clare) that he dislikes his new job at RestEasy and would like to go back to working with George (Tony Maudsley), it seems like Todd will have a lot on his plate the following week.

But will he allow Todd to return?

It’s significant that Paul has requested Todd to stay quiet about his secret, but will Todd still honour his requests?

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