Emmerdale spoilers: Bob’s shocking decision amid violent injury and missing child

Bob made an unexpected choice. (Image: ITV)

In recent scenes on Emmerdale, Tony Audenshaw’s character Bob Hope made an unexpected choice when he asked Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) to move out due to conflict with their daughter Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling).

After receiving a diagnosis of PMDD, Cathy has been suffering and has started looking into potential treatments.

To the dismay of the adults in her life, Cathy was resolved to have the surgery done after discovering that a hysterectomy and bilateral ovariectomy might relieve her problems.

Cathy became angry and outraged when Bob, Wendy, and Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) all claimed that she was too young to make this choice.

Her attitude did not change when she got home from school; instead, she threw an ornament through the B&B window as a way of getting even with Bob for not understanding her sentiments.

As Wendy went on her tirade, she was caught in the crossfire and was shoved by an enraged Cathy, who ultimately fell to the ground.

Wendy argued that Cathy was OK, but it was obvious that she wasn’t when Cathy ultimately took off.

Wendy’s wrist was sprained. (Image: ITV)

When Cathy vanished, Bob became concerned and questioned aloud if he ought to have given in to her desire for surgery.

Rebecca Sarker’s character Manpreet argued that he was being absurd and that he was correct not to raise her expectations since no surgeon in the world would perform a hysterectomy on someone so young.

Bob and Wendy were glad to learn that Cathy had been recovered safe and well by Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson).

When Cathy learned that her medicine may not work, she was horrified (Picture: ITV).

Bob was worried, however, when it turned out that Wendy had damaged her wrist in the fall.

He abruptly urged her to go, saying it would be better for her to avoid Cathy while she was being so erratic.

After their affair, Cathy had made it very plain that she didn’t like Wendy or Liam, and Bob believed that Cathy would get even more irate if Wendy or Liam were there.

Wendy was heartbroken to be forced to leave, but Bob reassured her that going on dates together may help them rediscover some romance.

Then he said that when Cathy started taking her antidepressants and her mood improved, Wendy may return.

But without realising that Cathy was in complete shock, Wendy admitted that the antidepressants may not be effective.

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