Coronation Street spoilers: Ronnie Bailey floored as Debbie Webster drops major bombshell in new video clip

When Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) decided to invest in Newton and Ridley on Debbie Webster’s (Sue Devaney) advice, he believed he was onto a winner. However, as a new Coronation Street spoiler video reveals, he may come to regret his decision.

Debbie proposed that Ronnie use the insider information to invest in Newton and Ridley after discovering that the firm will be purchased by Waterfords.

They thought Ronnie would be able to sell his shares for a profit since they thought the stock value would soar when the takeover was announced.

Ronnie was drawn to this certain method of making a fast profit, but brother Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) wasn’t so convinced.

Debbie was so certain that the shares would increase in value, nevertheless, that Ronnie invested company funds without Ed’s knowledge.

Debbie makes a shocking revelation that worries Ronnie. (Image from ITV)

He could later regret doing this, as shown in a new spoiler clip from the episode airing on Friday, September 1: Debbie reveals a bombshell.

Ronnie picks up the newspaper and shows her the article about Phillip Newton selling Newton and Ridley when she runs into the café to inquire whether he has heard the news.

As she tells that the value of Ronnie’s shares has plummeted significantly and is still declining, it quickly becomes apparent that this isn’t what she means.

Although Debbie emphasised that it was his money and that no one had compelled him to make an investment, Ronnie immediately started to feel anxious and regretted not listening to her.

She then acknowledged that the only thing left for him to do was to hope that the share prices rose once again before telling Ed the truth.

Will Ronnie and Debbie’s luck turn around so they can profit or will everything stay the same?

These scenes will be shown on ITV1 and ITVX on Friday, September 1 at 8 p.m.

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