Coronation Street spoilers: Yasmeen leaves Weatherfield amid big surprise

Will she respond positively? (Image from ITV)

Future Coronation Street episodes include a pleasant surprise for Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King).

Yasmeen is the one who needs a rest the most. She started dating Geoff Metcalfe a few years ago, but he turned out to be domineering and violent. In the 60th anniversary episodes of the soap opera, Yasmeen witnessed Geoff die as the wicked character fell from the top of their house after she had defended herself after an altercation with Geoff.

Yasmeen’s emotions were put to the test when she recovered when she met Stu (Bill Fellows) and learned that he had served time for murder.

Yasmeen was reminded of her whole trauma with Geoff, but thankfully, Stu proved to be a wonderful guy. Dee-Dee (Channique Sterling-Brown) showed that he was unfairly imprisoned since his daughter Bridget really committed the crime, indicating that Stu was a good man.

Recently, Stu learned that Eliza and Dom had begun conversing (Image: ITV).

Yasmeen has recently been there to stand by Stu, who thinks Eliza (Savannah Kunyo) shouldn’t talk to her father Dom.

In forthcoming episodes, Yasmeen expresses hesitation about Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) taking her to Pakistan for her 70th birthday since she doesn’t want to leave him in the thick of the tension surrounding Dom and Eliza.

Stu is certain that she must go since it would be a once-in-a-lifetime excursion, but what will the situation be like when Yasmeen returns?

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