Coronation Street spoilers: Serious danger for Leanne Battersby as she is drawn into a cult

An unexpected twist leads to a new storyline for Leanne (Picture: ITV)

You wouldn’t think that Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson), who is getting about to wed Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) in Coronation Street, would be influenced by the first attractive man who walks by.

However, that’s exactly what happens when she encounters the alluring Rowan (Emmerhys Cooper) in later episodes and is sucked into a dark cult.

Recently, Leanne has been dealing with her step-son Simon Barlow (Alex Bain), whose actions became out of control after his father Peter (Chris Gascoyne) left Weatherfield to work on a ship.

Simon turned to alcohol for comfort when he felt abandoned and hurt, but this quickly got out of hand. The tipping point came when Simon, driving above the limit, smashed Leanne’s car while Nick’s son Sam (Jude Riordan) was inside.

Simon will appear in court in upcoming episodes to get his sentencing for the drunk driving conviction.

Rowan charms Leanne (Picture: ITV)

After that, Leanne tells Debbie (Sue Devaney) that she’s taking Simon to a lecture at the Chariot Square Hotel, which is being hosted by an organization called The Institute, in an attempt to get him back on the straight and narrow.

Leanne recommends that Nick attend the wedding fair, which is conveniently taking place at the same location, so they can both check it out at the same time.

Leanne first meets Rowan at the Institute meeting, and he captures her attention right away by giving her some advice. Leanne senses that she’s falling for him in spite of herself, and he invites her to express her deepest emotions and thoughts.

Ben Price informed us that Nick starts to feel uncomfortable about how Rowan is attracting Leanne as his influence over her increases.

Usually, Leanne says, “I think that’s a load of s***” at first, and Nick responds, “No, no, give it a chance, give it a chance.” But this isn’t her,” he clarified.

She is really committed. It seems like Nick is saying to Leanne, “You’re more cynical than me.” You’re not viewing this man with much cynicism. Moreover, I never get to see him. It almost seems like this man I’m not seeing takes her to Zooms in a different room to complete the course.

Zooms into a different space? And that’s only the beginning.

How much will Rowan be able to pull in Leanne?

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