OH MY DALES Three huge ITV Emmerdale theories: death truth revealed as new serial killer lurks in the village

Meena Jutla’s ghost hovers over the Dales.

Gus Malcolms had no intention of assisting RHONA Goskirk in establishing a connection with Ivy, which devastated her. However, there might be more in store.

Fans of Emmerdale believe two villagers have what it takes to honor Meena Jutla’s dark legacy in other scenes.

Chas Dingle goes through her double mastectomy this weekCredit: ITV
Meanwhile, Rhona is crushed when receives news of IvyCredit: ITV
Could she get her revenge on Gus?Credit: ITV

1. Fake death twist

Ivy, portrayed by Zoë Henry, abruptly entered Rhona’s life after her ex-husband Gus Malcolms informed the veterinarian that her frozen embryos had been utilized without her permission.

Rhona placed her life on nearly hold to be with the motherless infant, despite the violation, as she immediately grew attached to her.

This ultimately resulted in her abducting the child and planning to go to Canada for a fresh start; her friend Vanessa Woodfield had to intervene to stop her before she took the fatal blow.

Since then, Rhona has reported Gus to the police on suspicion of fraud because he had assumed her identity in order to obtain access to the frozen embryos.

Unfortunately for her, this did not absolve her of the kidnapping charges.

In more recent scenes from the ITV soap opera, Rhona and Gus (Alan McKenna) came to an understanding whereby Gus would let Rhona access to Ivy, but only if she would clear his name.

Lastly, Gus insisted that Rhona place the blame on his late wife Lucy, who passed away after the birth of Ivy.

Unfortunately, Gus broke his half of the bargain, leaving Rhona devastated that she would not be able to spend time with baby Ivy.

Rhona’s mother Mary (Louise Jameson) shares pictures of Ivy that she discovered on Gus’ social media this week.

Rhona is still staring at pictures of Ivy with tears in her eyes.

Rhona is coerced by Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) into attending her husband Marlon’s 50th birthday celebration.

What will she choose?

Although this is yet to be confirmed, viewers of the Yorkshire-based show have conjectured that Rhona will take another turn, and they are becoming more and more certain that Lucy is still alive.

The fan hypothesis suggests that Lucy and Gus may have staged her death to deter Rhona from suing them for jointly stealing her frozen embryos.

One admirer wrote on social media, “I don’t think his wife Lucy died”.

Another person stated: “Maybe Lucy is in France and that’s why he’s going with Ivy.”

“She could have been in a coma and Gus just said she died so Rhona wouldn’t report them for stealing the embryos and her passport and forging her signature?” , another replied.

Was there any truth to the rumors?

What could Ella’s friendliness be hiding?Credit: ITV

2. Shock connection

As Dales’s newbie Ella Forster, former Coronation Street actress Paula Lane left a lasting impression on the show’s audience.

When Ella was first introduced at a formal event at The Hide, some viewers of the Yorkshire-based program were instantly taken aback by her willingness to risk losing her job in order to defend Mandy Dingle, who was a fan favorite.

But as time passes, a number of soap opera viewers start to have doubts about Ella and her reasons for being in the village of the same name.

It’s unlikely that Ella will be an exception to the rule that new cast members on the program are too good to be true, as demonstrated over the years.

Ella and the town doctor, Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson), become more intimate this week.

In moments that will broadcast on our screens, the couple bonds over houseplants and fireworks start to fly.

Ella doesn’t completely convince a wary Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker), though, as she notices the couple become cozier than ever during the procedure.

After a recent exchange suggested to viewers that Ella might be connected to serial killer Meena Jutla, Manpreet’s evil younger sister, Manpreet might have had some food for thought.

Paige Sandhu portrays Meena, who committed multiple killings in the Dales and even kidnapped Manpreet before attempting to eliminate her.

She was given a cumulative term of 75 years in jail for her conduct, and in early 2022, she was put behind bars.

Ella has become closer to Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley), one of Meena’s victims, during her stay in the village, and a discussion on Belle and Tom King’s tragic marriage has caused alarm among the Emmerdale locals.

In the current conversation in The Woolpack, Dawn and her spouse Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) reminisced on how Meena had ruin their own special day.

Ella was ready to ask Manpreet about her sister shortly after, but Liam, who had watched Meena kill his eighteen-year-old daughter in July 2021, swiftly cut her off.

Is there a sinister secret behind Ella’s polite demeanor?

Some fans believe Ruby may be Emmerdale’s next serial killerCredit: ITV

3. New serial killer

Three men in the Dingle family agreed to teach Caleb Miligan a lesson, so he paid for his affair with Tracy Robinson somewhere else in the village that bears his name.

However, in a different turn of events, Caleb was forced to drastically reject the Dingle clan by his wife Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly).

In a recent scenario, Ruby insisted that her lover destroy Tracy Robinson’s nursery project as a sign of his love and devotion, and he complied right away.

But as soon as he did, Caleb found himself the target of the Dingle family’s fury once more, as his half-sister Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) informed him that their mother Faith would be embarrassed of him should she survive.

Later, this led to a fight between Caleb and Ruby, which led some fans to speculate that the newcomer would replace the much-missed Meena Jutla as Emmerdale’s next serial killer.

One online soap opera viewer wrote, “Ruthless Ruby giving Mad Meena Vibes!”

Another person appeared to concur, saying, “Ruby is so realistically sarcastic, wicked, and ballsy.”

“Ruby is a soap b*tch and adds interest to things, so people need to lighten up and stop taking her so seriously. “I hope she stays here for a long time,” added a third spectator.

One reader added, “Everyone in Emmerdale should watch out when Queen’s Kim and Ruby team up,” alluding to Ruby’s arrangement with Kim Tate (Claire King), Caleb’s fiercest adversary.

However, what kind of ruse would she be planning?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

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