Coronation Street spoilers: Serious danger for teen Lauren Bolton as she joins online sex platform

Cait Finnon, who plays Lauren, has warned of dark scenes ahead for the character (Picture: ITV)

Star of Coronation Street Cait Finnon warned that Lauren Bolton, who was motivated to use the premium membership website O-Vidz by Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), may be in grave danger.

As fans will remember, Ryan used filters to hide his scars from his subscribers when he joined up for the service to share photos of his nude chest after the acid assault.

After that, the young guy received messages from a specific user asking him to remove his pants and take pictures of himself in the nude. Despite his hesitations, he followed the user’s request.

However, Ryan closed this chapter with a stirring statement about what occurred to him at the STC, following which he deleted his filters and deleted his O-Vidz account.

However, Lauren started to assume that he and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) were having an affair. As a result, she started to blackmail them both, demanding a large sum of money for reasons that were not made clear.

Actress Cait Finnon told, “I think Lauren is very desperate and when you’re that desperate, you are constantly living in survival mode.” Lauren has made it through. Desperation, in my opinion, can have unfavorable effects since it impairs judgment and fosters selfishness.

Lauren turns her attention to O-Vidz (Picture: ITV)

Because that’s what she’s been taught and all she knows how to survive, Lauren will do whatever it takes to achieve what she wants. She takes advantage of the fact that she knows Ryan genuinely cares about Daisy.

“Lauren and Daisy are not loyal to one another, and she knows that threatening to involve Daisy is the only way she can gain Ryan’s trust.” Although I would want to believe otherwise, if it put her safety or the safety of those she loves in danger, then regrettably, I believe she would.

We’ll simply have to wait and see how this plot develops, but we can speculate that Lauren may borrow a page from Ryan’s book given her financial hardships.

Cait hinted at what was to come, saying, “After living with Ryan and seeing him as a role model, O-Vidz might be a thing that Lauren tries next.”

She spoke with Ryan about O-Vidz during their time together, and she saw how he had regained some of his confidence following the acid assault. It seems likely that she would like to give it a try for herself.

Lauren has been blackmailing Daisy, who refuses to stand for it (Picture: ITV)

She may perceive this as a chance to repair her internal scars, which she would like to accomplish even if she doesn’t have any visible scars.

Lauren, who is just seventeen years old, feels like an adult, therefore now more than ever, she has to earn as much money as she can.

‘Lauren is no stranger to doing things to obtain money, as we saw from her contact with Roy, so regrettably I don’t think Lauren will consider the drawbacks of O-Vidz.’

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