Coronation Street spoilers: Surprise exit storyline revealed for child character with upsetting outcome

Eliza has made a decision (Picture: ITV)

In forthcoming scenes, Savannah Kunyo’s character Eliza Woodrow will get an update on her choice to move in with her father, Dom Everett (Darren Morfitt), on Coronation Street.

When Eliza’s mother Bridget (Beth Vyse) and grandmother Lucy (Lynda Rooke) were imprisoned, her grandfather Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) was granted care of her. This was Eliza’s debut appearance on the ITV soap opera in the summer of 2022.

Stu was given a 27-year sentence for the 1980s murder of a girl he worked with; however, Bridget was the real murderer, and Lucy assisted in placing the blame on her husband.

He was forced homeless and cut off from his family after his stay inside, but he later made the decision to get in touch with them after getting his life back on track and meeting Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King).

When freshly analysed DNA evidence showed the actual facts surrounding the killing, Stu was rewarded £200k in compensation. He was unaware that his relatives had falsely accused him of the crime.

Eliza finds the bribe money (Picture: ITV)

Stu has some explaining to do (Picture: ITV)

Eliza reached out to her father Dom last year when she was having trouble adjusting to Weatherfield life, and as a result, Stu hired a private investigator to conduct some research on him.

When he learned that he had another family in Germany, he paid to go permanently because he was determined that his granddaughter would not move away from him.

Dom was requested to repay the £10k bribe money after he was seen prowling about once more this week.

In later scenes, Eliza discovers the cash in an envelope with the words “I’m sorry I let Eliza down” stashed in Stu’s coat pocket.

She follows her father to the Chariot Square Hotel with the help of friends Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) and Hope Dobbs (Isabella Flanagan), where they have a heated discussion.

When the child confesses that she wants to go to Germany and isn’t ready to lose her dad once more, Stu and Yasmeen are devastated.

Stu realises how much she wants to leave, so he makes the painful choice to let her stay with him for two weeks during the next school vacation, with the intention of moving there permanently.

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