Emmerdale fans make the same complaint as ‘murderer’ returns to village

‘Killer’ character has left fans disappointed, as they have expressed on social media. After more than a year away from Emmerdale, Kerry Wyatt made a comeback to the village.

Fans of Emmerdale have all expressed dissatisfaction with a killer’s reappearance on the ITV soap opera.

After a year gone from the soap opera, Emmerdale’s longtime character Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) has made her way back to the well-known Yorkshire village. On Thursday, March 7, Kerry, the person responsible for starting the fire that killed Frank Clayton (Michael Praed), returned to the Dales.

Actress Laura Norton had given birth to her daughter Ronnie in October 2022 and was on maternity leave in real life. Even though Kerry is renowned for her sly and frequently brutally honest persona, not everyone was happy to see her return to the hamlet.

Kerry returned to the village dressed as Cher (Image: ITV)

Kerry spent her sixteen months off working on a friend’s cruise ship. PC Swirling dropped her off at the village in a police cruiser while she was dressed like Cher.

Kerry went straight to her daughter Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson), attempting to soothe their tense relationship by letting her know that she had been falsely accused of stealing while working on the ships. However, not everyone was overjoyed to see Kerry again, as some admirers also brought up her history of murder.

“So evil Kerry, the murderer is back to annoy the bejesus out of us once again,” one viewer said on X, while another said, “That’s all this programme needs-Kerry back!”

Kerry was given a lift to the village – in the back of a police car

A third person said, “Killer Kerry is back.” “Oh, Angelica has to pay for Heath’s death, that’s only right,” the executives argue, “but forget about Kerry and Amy killing Frank with no consequences.” A fourth viewer of the ITV programme commented, saying, “Jeez, Kerry is so annoying. How on earth did they bring her back? awful persona.”

Even so, other viewers expressed their happiness to see Kerry return on TV, saying, “I love Kerry.” Glad to see her again.”

Amy was uneasy to see her mum again with Kerry having been away on a cruise

Back in 2019, Kerry and Amy unintentionally set fire to the village sweet factory while smashing the CCTV cameras inside to cover up Kerry stealing charity funds from the safe.

Frank, the father of Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh) and Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), noticed the fire and proceeded to look into it. Tracy, his daughter, was inside, and he quickly discovered this and was able to save her. Frank thought everything was going well until he rushed back into the flaming building to retrieve an engagement ring. Suddenly, there was an explosion, which claimed his life.

Frank Clayton was killed off back in 2019 after a fire at the factory (Image: ITV)

When Amy and Kerry were able to cover up their crime and get away with it, viewers became enraged. Despite her denials to Amy and the police, Kerry was caught red-handed stealing money while working on the cruise ship in the episode that aired on Thursday, March 7.

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