Coronation Street spoilers: Tempers, tragedy and a very dangerous mistake

Angry outbursts and upsetting situations (Picture: ITV)

In the episodes of Coronation Street airing the next week, tensions are reaching hazardous heights. Our day by day guide has all the information.

When Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney), Tyrone Dobbs’ mother, is rushed to the hospital, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall), is left worried about her. However, the reality becomes clear when Cassie is challenged by drug dealer Dean on the hospital wards.

Cassie is rattled following a bloody confrontation, as is Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell), who is attacked.

Later on, Tyrone makes an additional effort to assist by presenting Cassie to Abi Webster (Sally Carman) as a fellow addict; however, it is not well received.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who is having trouble, is another individual whose fuse blows. He screams at Carla (Alison King), who is worried, as his addiction on steroids grows. He then lets out a flood of wrath.

In the midst of all of this, he quietly makes money by selling private photos online.

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) will experience anguish as he is once more forced to face the awful reality of his circumstance.

Monday August 21

Michael is hurt when he defends Cassie (Picture: ITV)

Cassie goes to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau after telling Tyrone she’s going to start looking for a place to stay, but instead she runs into Dean, her heroin dealer, who becomes angry because she owes him money.

Michael insists on taking Cassie to the hospital after witnessing her collapse to the ground in agony. Ronnie finds Michael and Dean arguing when he gets to A&E because Dean has followed them.

Ronnie believes they should contact the police when Dean hits Michael, but Cassie begs to differ. When Michael reveals to Ronnie that Aggie experiences this type of situation frequently, Ronnie is appalled and uses the knowledge to persuade Ed to support the sale so that Aggie may retire. Will Ed concur?

Troy left Todd a card at Rest Easy requesting to talk to him about his future profession, and Todd finds the card that George had thrown in the trash. Todd confides in Glenda, who advises him to get a raise in wages. Todd phones Troy and schedules a meeting when George is evasive.

Todd accepts Troy’s offer to work for RestEasy at a salary of £30k + bonus. Todd is impressed and says he will give it some thought. Can he consent?

Ryan learns from Peter that he owes £15k to Rufus’s wife and could really use some help with his rent. Ryan pledges to assist in whatever way he can. Carla is irate to learn that Peter has been putting pressure on Ryan when he says he’s going to the cafe to beg for some shifts so he can pay his own.

One of Ryan’s followers, Liv, sends him a note. Until she asks him to remove his pants and give him a picture, he replies to her message and likes the banter. How will he act?

Billy observes Paul fumbling with his right leg in the apartment where the flower business is located. While trying to hide his disappointment at his decline, Paul makes every effort. Billy arrives at home carrying a cane for Paul. Billy proposes a wheelchair when Paul acknowledges that getting acclimated to the walking aid may take some time, but Paul is appalled by the prospect.

Wednesday August 23

Ryan delves into a new online world (Picture: ITV)

displeased that he is unable to pay his way Ryan explains to Sean and Daisy that he hopes to begin generating income from his social media. They inform him that selling extremely dubious images is the only way to do it.

Ryan makes plans to meet Daisy for a drink later, but he cancels when he learns that Daniel and Daisy are moving in together. Daisy calls to see how he’s doing at the apartment, but he tells her everything is OK. Daisy seems happy, but as she leaves, Ryan’s act begins to falter.

Ryan visits the O-Vidz website, makes a new profile, and broadcasts his first video while struggling with his emotions. Ryan checks his account to find that he has new subscribers and money is coming in after getting a message from Liv calling him great and requesting more.

Ryan tells Carla and Peter he is now a legitimate online fitness influencer and that he will soon start making enough money to support himself.

For his birthday, Billy gives Paul an engagement ring. Paul is inconsolable with emotion. However, he is stunned by the sheer number of people when he arrives to the Bistro for the combined celebration with Gemma. Gemma advises that he take Bryn to the park for some exercise.

Peter rushes to help Paul (Picture: ITV)

Paul tries to pursue Bryn when he flees but falls to the ground. Paul says he can’t manage the stairs when he gets back to the apartment. Billy enlists Todd’s assistance, and the two of them jointly lift Paul up to the apartment. Paul experiences extreme humiliation. Paul grudgingly acknowledges that a stair lift could be necessary.

Todd and George have breakfast together, and George makes it apparent that their business relationship is finished. George is urged by Eileen to make amends with Todd and give him a respectable wage. Eileen is informed by George that he needs to replace Todd, who has accepted a position at RestEasy, and that he believes she would be a great fit.

Ronnie admits to Debbie that he followed her suggestion and used the proceeds from the Tavern Mews project to purchase Newton & Ridley shares. Ed is thrilled when Dee-Dee agrees to assist with the accounting and administration for their new company, but Ronnie hides his anxiety.

Tyrone brings Cassie to Kevin and Abi at No. 9 and says that Abi is also a drug addict in recovery. Cassie is indignant.

Friday August 25

Paul enjoys Pride, but is aware that it will be his last ever (Picture: ITV)

Paul is game for fancy dress and gets into the Pride atmosphere. But when his occupational therapist concurs with Billy that a wheelchair is likely necessary, he is shocked.

Paul is upset with Billy, and when David says that he saw Paul drinking vodka on a bench, Billy takes responsibility and says that they had a fight. Billy observes three drag queens assisting Paul in getting out of a cab and bringing him into the Rovers. Paul becomes sad as everyone gathers around him because this will be his final Pride.

Ryan gets a message from a Guy who offers to pay for some exclusive pictures. Ryan removes his shirt, carefully covering his wounds, and uploads some photos. When Guy offers him £100 in exchange for a film of his entire body and face, what will he do?

Online, Ryan discovers a disparaging remark regarding his body’s scars. Carla begs him to ignore it, but Ryan snaps under the influence of testosterone. Ryan screams at Carla and throws a glass across the room.

Todd is surprised when Troy tells him to take advantage of the family’s grief by selling them a more costly urn as he gets ready for his first RestEasy wake. Mary volunteers to accompany George and take notes when he leaves to see a customer regarding a wake.

George is hesitant yet appreciative of her assistance. In the Rovers, Todd appears to be loving his new job while George feigns admiration for Mary’s initiative. Both of them are inwardly wishing they still shared an office.

While David and Shona celebrate Max on completing his GCSEs, Lily at number 8 receives her birthday presents. Carla, who is under pressure, informs Sarah in the café that they must locate a different European distributor.

When Stephen calls the Rovers to invite Jenny to join him for a wine tasting later, Jenny is less than delighted to learn that she will instead be attending Lily’s birthday celebration. Can Stephen defeat her?

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