Coronation Street spoilers: Terror as major character is left to die in tragedy

Cassie is found after taking an overdose in Corrie

Life of Cassie is in danger. (Image from ITV)

As soon as Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) overdoses on narcotics and is once again brought to the hospital, she finds herself in grave danger on Coronation Street.

When we first saw Cassie, it became clear that she was not just the biological mother of Tyrone (Alan Halsall), but also a heroin addict.

Cassie decided it would be a good idea to go to treatment to try and become clean so she could return ready to get to know her family after finding out that Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) was living with Tyrone and his kids.

Of course, Cassie would never find it easy to maintain a drug-free lifestyle. Tyrone will discover next week that temptation is all around her and that her history follows her everywhere she goes.

Dean the drug dealer confronts Cassie on her first shift at the garage. Abi (Sally Carman) notices Dean and Cassie’s dispute as he demands money and recognizes Dean from her past.

Abi sneaks behind Cassie as she refuses to go for her lunch break and discovers that she is helping herself to the petty cash.

Cassie attempts to assist Tyrone as the week progresses since he is having trouble getting Ruby’s (Billie Naylor) new boots in time for her celebration.

Tyrone grudgingly gives her the £80 when she offers to pick them up. Evelyn correctly points out that this is a huge danger since Cassie may flush the money down the toilet or use it to purchase drugs.

And she really does it.

Following her encounter with Dean on a street corner, Cassie takes a few of the pills he just offered her before vanishing.

Tyrone has a lot going on. (Image from ITV)

As the party begins again on the cobblestones, Michael (Ryan Russell) unintentionally reveals that he saw a man battling Cassie the previous week, and Abi is compelled to confirm that it was Dean the drug dealer.

Tyrone informs his buddies to start looking for his mother after realizing she has vanished.

Hope (Isabella Flanagan) discovers Cassie, who is finally taken to the hospital. Tyrone learns that his mother overdosed after swearing to remain sober.

Then what?

Will Tyrone continue his relationship-building efforts with her?

Alan Halsall observed, “Tyrone is really shocked by it all because he probably even thought something like this could happen in the back of his mind.”

‘He also desperately wanted to think that he wouldn’t. Hope is his first priority, and he is worried about what she has seen and how she has handled it. He genuinely doesn’t get the reason for her return to drug use. He is baffled as to why she returned to using drugs despite having discovered him and having a better life overall.

He doesn’t really get drug misuse, so of course Evelyn was trying to explain it to him,

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