Coronation Street’s Cait Fitton reveals how ‘ticking timebomb’ Lauren ‘explodes’ in shocking scene

Will Lauren finally wake up as a result of this? (Image from ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street scenes, Lauren Bolton (Cait Fitton) will “explode,” putting her relationship with Max Turner (Paddy Bever) at risk.

Last year, when Max was being prepared to join an extreme far-right organisation, they first met. They connected right immediately but lost touch after Max was transferred to an STC for his conduct that led to Alya Nazir’s (Sair Kahn) stabbing.

Lauren, however, has lately returned to Max’s life, which has produced issues for him with Sabrina Adetiba (Louana Santos), his girlfriend.

In subsequent scenes, those issues are expected to worsen as Lauren tries to put distance between the two of them as her jealousy comes to the fore.

Actress Cait Fitton said, “Lauren is a ticking time bomb. She will build things up because she has no one to release to.”

When Lauren returned, she was astounded to learn that Max had been spending time with Sabrina. Since she plainly didn’t have her dad, mother, or friends, Max was basically all she had. Without them, she wouldn’t have anybody to vent her fears or concerns to.

It’s just a matter of time until she bursts because of the way she builds things up.

Lauren makes the claim that she and Max are dating in an effort to irritate Sabrina. Sabrina feels uneasy despite Max’s assurances that this is not the case.

In a frenzy of wrath, Lauren wrecks the salon. (Image from ITV)

Lauren loses her cool after the encounter, trashes the salon, and is finally jailed for criminal damage. This may serve as the wake-up call Lauren needs.

“I think it’s given her a taste of what her dad’s going through, it’s made her realize that the life she’s living now is a life she doesn’t want for herself and is really disappointed by her behavior,” the author says.

As Cait revealed, she quickly realizes the impact her actions are having on her friendships.

Lauren is not a malevolent person, but sometimes it seems that way from the way she handles situations; this is only because she is so vulnerable and overburdened.

There is a significant change in the relationship between Lauren, Sabrina, and Max as Lauren realizes that she has to pull back since she is now hurting not just Sabrina and Max but also herself.

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