Coronation Street spoilers: The end of Elaine as Stephen leaves her to die in brutal twist?

Stephen becomes more desperate (ITV image)

Due to the arrival of Owen (Ben Hull) in Coronation Street, Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) career in the factory is in jeopardy, and he is set to take drastic measures once more to obtain some money.

We’ve previously seen Stephen set out a life insurance policy for Elaine, placing him in a position to receive a sizeable sum of money in the event of her passing.

And, well, we all know how adept Stephen is at murdering people in order to achieve his goals.

When Owen tells Stephen that he’ll soon be dismissed after he takes over the factory in a new week, Stephen is taken aback.

Carla (Alison King) is found by Stephen, who counsels her against selling her stock, but she is certain that she must follow through because she must put her mental health first.

Stephen ends up wrecking the factory floor as a result of his day’s frustrations, causing Michael (Ryan Russell) to wonder what is going on.

Later, Elaine informs her spouse that she doesn’t feel well and Stephen goes out to fetch some lunch, not realising that he has changed her blood pressure medication with one that contains caffeine.

Elaine is unaware of Stephen’s true identity (ITV image).

Elaine is alone in the flat when she becomes faint and passes out, banging her head on the floor.

Elaine is found lifeless on the floor when Stephen gets home, but has he killed again?

Will she live or die?

Todd Boyce revealed what transpires when Stephen discovers Elaine, saying, “He is genuinely shocked and there is a moment when it looks like her is going to revive her.”

The wheels started to move, though, and he thought, “Let’s see how this plays out; it might be the ideal conclusion!” He departs, crossing his fingers that she will pass away before being found.

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