Coronation Street spoilers: Violent double murder attempt, Fiz back to chaos and Evelyn’s big mistake

The Platts face a new crisis and Fiz is back to chaos (Picture: ITV)

Next week on Coronation Street, there will be shocking revelations and dramatic occurrences. Bethany and Sarah Platt (Lucy Fallon and Tina O’Brien) will fall prey to the murderer Harvey Gaskell’s (Will Mellor) retaliation.

In another scene, Fiz Dobbs (Jennie McAlpine) returns to the Street but finds it more difficult than she anticipated to adjust after experiencing setbacks.

There are repercussions when Sam Robertson’s character, Adam Barlow, eventually confronts Harvey.

When a vehicle rushes towards Bethany and Sarah, terrifying things happen, and they barely escape a terrible accident.

Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) haphazardly get ready for Fiz’s homecoming, but Evelyn makes a mistake.

And Fiz receives another unpleasant surprise from her old supervisor, Allison King’s Carla Connor.

In other Street news, it seems that Mason (Luca Toolan) is far from done, as the bullying story takes a nasty turn.

Monday March 4

After signing Sarah’s divorce papers, a dejected and guilty Adam resolves to destroy Harvey’s appeal file and label the USB with the CCTV evidence as “The murder of Natasha Blakeman.”

Soon after, a furious Harvey phones to inform Adam that the police have the CCTV video and to keep an eye on him.

Adam gives Sarah a call at her apartment to tell her that he still loves her and that they should give their relationship another go. Startled, Sarah flees the apartment.

Adam’s crimes have dire consequences for Sarah and Bethany (Picture: ITV)

As a vehicle speeds near them, Bethany notices her mother concerned and goes over.

When Mason walks in, Maria rushes at him, forcing Gary to hold her. Gary and Maria are taking Liam out for a milkshake at the café.

Mrs. Crawshaw informs them that she is collecting proof to have Mason expelled. Liam tells Jake what he saw Mason doing to a different youngster at school. Jake believes he need to report him, but Liam is emphatic that he wants to stay out of it.

Jenny looks on with disapproval as Daisy and Ryan have a passionate kiss in the Rovers. When Ryan phones the plant in the hopes of finding employment, Carla replies that they are completely staffed.

Carla is shocked to learn that Ryan and Daisy are now dating.

They’re home! (Picture: ITV)

Steve informs Tim that he has left County and that they must choose a new club to root for. Tim is obviously unhappy about the possibility.

Evelyn and Cassie agree that it will be crowded when Fiz and Tyrone return, and they each recommend that the other move out. When Fiz and Tyrone get home, Evelyn and Cassie are having a fight.

Tyrone is gently reminded by Fiz that space is limited at No. 9 and that he will have to decide between his mother and his grandmother.

Wednesday March 6

Liam confesses to Gary and Maria, under duress, that Mason had threatened him with a knife. Liam is taken to the police station in terror by them. Sean, Eileen, and Dylan get a call at number 11 from Craig and another cop informing them that they have cause to suspect that they are concealing a zombie knife that was used in an attack, but the weapon is missing.

Dylan maintains that he has no knowledge of it. Dylan is told by Mason to get the knife and come see him in the ginnel. However, while Dylan waits tensely, Craig arrives, discovers the knife in Dylan’s backpack, and takes him into custody.

Mason puts pressure on frightened Dylan (Picture: ITV)

Fiz has some bold ideas – but Carla has bad news (Picture: ITV)

Dylan realizes, horrified, that Mason was playing him. When Dee-Dee shows up in the interrogation room with Sean and Dylan, he scares Dylan into realizing that he needs to confront Mason and tell the police what he knows.

Evelyn and Cassie attempt to wow Fiz and Tyrone at No. 9 with their culinary prowess. Tyrone advises Cassie and Evelyn that they should stay there for the time being and that he doesn’t want either of them to go. Fiz believes it is a certain way to go wrong.

In the meanwhile, Fiz makes an effort to win Carla over with some concepts she learned at the Norfolk plant.

Daniel lashes out at a remorseful Adam in the hospital for involving himself with Harvey and putting Sarah and Bethany’s life in jeopardy.

When Ken returns to the street, he is astounded to see how everyone has been impacted by Adam’s acts. Sarah is reassured by Damon that she and Bethany need not worry since he has talked to Harvey and has vowed to back off.

Sarah is distressed after her ordeal (Picture: ITV)

Bobby tapes a plea with Suki from the Gazette at the café, hoping to locate Lauren. Suki also interviews Roy, but Bobby finds him uninteresting, and he listens in despair.

Evelyn apologizes to Roy for having to give up Lauren’s apartment after learning that she had been subleasing it.

Roy reassures her that Lauren will be well and that he believes she has made a fresh start someplace.

Yasmeen confides in Stu that she is certain that she saw Dom at the precinct. Stu is perplexed.

Friday March 8

When Eileen and George probe Dylan, Sean becomes defensive. Dee Dee runs into Liam after telling Dylan that he should give his appeal some thought. He apologizes to Liam for tormenting him and is shocked to learn that Liam had considered suicide.

Mason praises Dylan for taking the rap when he sees him in Victoria Garden. With a scornful expression on his face, Dylan informs him that he also reported the hit-and-run to the police.

Roy takes on the task of tidying Lauren’s apartment after learning that Evelyn will be held accountable for the appalling condition it has been left in. When Bobby finds Roy at the apartment sorting through Lauren’s belongings, he becomes very suspicious.

Fears for Lauren are growing (Picture: ITV)

Dylan has had enough of Mason (Picture: ITV)

At 8 o’clock, Bobby calls to update Max on his Lauren quest. Bobby is curious when Max tells him that Lauren had two O-Vidz accounts, and Ryan had reported her for the first one.

Bobby informs Carla and Ryan that he is going to see the person who posted the information online, DirtyNigel54, claiming to have seen Lauren.

A dejected Fiz confides in Tyrone that, in spite of her efforts, she was not promoted, and that even the girls seemed to enjoy Evelyn and Cassie’s company.

Tyrone confides in Evelyn about Fiz’s feelings of marginalization and his concerns that the kids may no longer need her. Evelyn prods Ruby to read aloud her speech about her hero.

Dom would like Eliza not know about his visit since he wants to give the £10K back to Stu and doesn’t want to hurt her more.

While at work, Dee-Dee gives Adam the cold shoulder once again and tells him she’s searching for a new place to live and will soon be out of his hair.

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