Mason star Luca Toolan reveals celebrity dad’s reaction to his dark role in Coronation Street

Luca plays evil school bully Mason Radcliffe (Picture: ITV)

In September 2023, actor Luca Toolan made his Coronation Street debut as Mason Radcliffe, a very disturbed man who has turned young Liam Connor’s (Charlie Wrenshall) life into a living misery via cruel bullying.

Luca informed us he really loved putting himself in the shoes of his character, even if he is happily not at all like the villainous Mason in real life.

“It’s play, it’s things you get to do that you don’t get to do in real life,” he said.

Examining a character who is so tormented is fascinating because it enables you to really put yourself in another person’s shoes. I have a deep interest in human psychology. I like researching the factors that shaped Mason’s personality, including his childhood, family, and ideas. I find people’s personalities to be very fascinating.

It has been a pleasure to portray a character that is so insane and unlike myself. It provides you both nourishment and something to gnaw on.

Mason is rendered so thoroughly repulsive by Luca that he even finds it hard to look at himself.

He said, “I detest it,” making it clear that he didn’t mean it in an arrogant actorly manner. I detest his actions.

“I detest it because Charlie [Wrenshall] nails the role; he has the perfect innocently hurt look.” I can see why the viewers get the feelings they experience while I’m watching. However, I suppose that strengthens the plot and the characters. Hopefully, it can affect others in the same way if it can affect me.

According to his son, Luca, his father, Mike Toolan, is a radio DJ who has “mingled with all of the [Corrie] cast at some point years and years ago.” My dad works for a Manchester-based radio station, so he probably saw them and other items on press evenings.

Mike has a lot of Corrie ties since he cohosts a program on Hits radio every weekday afternoon with Brooke Vincent, the actress who played Sophie Webster on Coronation Street.

He recently went back to the Corrie set with Luca, where he ran with Charlie Wrenshall and co-star Liam McCheyne (who portrays Dylan Wilson). “He thought it was great,” Luca said.

While Luca informed us that Mike and other family members find it difficult to see the terrible things that Mason gets up to, Mike is clearly proud of his kid.

He said, “I rarely watch it by myself; most of the time I watch it with my dad, my grandma, or other family members.”

“Is this what you’re capable of?” is how they just stare at me.’

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