Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan confirms chaos as Daisy falls in love with two people

Award-winning Coronation Street actor Charlotte Jordan has stated that Daisy Midgeley’s life is currently the most difficult it has ever been, and nothing is likely to change that.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has been physically and emotionally harmed by the acid assault, and viewers have witnessed Daisy catfish him.

Daisy, who had the best of intentions but made a colossal mistake, decided it would be a good idea to pose as Crystal, his girlfriend, in order to cheer him up.

But things are about to go south because Ryan finds out the truth and is understandably unhappy with his pal.

Daisy is heartbroken because she doesn’t know what to say. As she recounted the problem to us, Charlotte sighed.

She can only attempt to defend her actions by pointing out the good intentions behind them since she is well aware of how wrong she is. However, she is aware that both her actions and her lying about them were wrong.

She must now accept the consequences of the actions she made. Ryan’s response is absolutely justified, and she is to blame! She gets herself into these predicaments by lying and being dishonest.

In retaliation, Ryan feels the need to retaliate against Daisy and threatens to tell Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) everything about their recent kiss.

The Corrie star forewarns that things will get chaotic and messy (ITV).
Ryan snaps, threatening Daisy in the process. (Image from ITV)

When Ryan implies that, “there is a real dread there,” Charlotte added, “and she is utterly afraid that this solid world she has constructed for herself with Daniel is about to be snatched away from her.

If Daniel left her, she would be destroyed. In terms of supporting partners, Daniel has been at the top of his game; I’m not sure what else the guy can do!

You may think that asking Daisy for a little bit of honesty wouldn’t be too much to ask, but she seems to avoid being honest at all times, so I doubt that she will.

Daisy will “fall in love with two people,” Charlotte assured us, adding that there are many conflicting emotions at play.

Daisy and Ryan definitely share many similarities, such as shared hobbies, therefore if their relationship was sincere and unrelated to trauma, it would work out well, Charlotte thought.

But in the end, that isn’t what occurs, therefore I believe that she would be happier with Daniel in the long run.

Whatever transpires, Daisy has changed significantly as a result of what occurred, and Charlotte has liked playing these additional layers on Daisy.

She said, “I think the stalker event stress has left her more cynical and she trusts the world less.

She has a lot greater awareness of the decisions she makes regarding her appearance, including what she wears, how much cosmetics she uses, and how she styles her hair.

She used to be passionate about these things, but now she considers, “Okay, well, this could make me end up in a situation with something really horrific happening.” She is now just much less than she once was, which I find to be really sad.

Daisy and Ryan’s kiss will come back to bite her (Picture: ITV)

‘But we received a tremendous, good reaction from the acid attack plot and that was very lovely of people because there was such a response to it. Daisy and Ryan’s kiss will come back to bite her.

“The viewers were really great about that,” said Daisy, “so hopefully as Daisy goes down this morally-conflicted path, the viewers remember what has happened and where it has originated and forgive her in the future.”

Because of this favourable reception, Coronation Street received several accolades at the British Soap Awards, including Best Dramatic Performance and Best Storyline.

Therefore, it’s possible that interest will persist when the plot takes this new turn.

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