Emmerdale spoilers: Terrifying relapse for Belle after she gets horrifying news

Belle receives devastating news (ITV image).

Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has been managing her mental health well lately, performing well at work, and dating a great guy. However, some shocking and terrible revelations are likely to undermine all of her efforts on Emmerdale.

Her and Tom are getting along well now that they have resolved any conflicts and revealed all of their secrets, including the fact that Belle killed someone and has schizophrenia.

They have a wonderful, sincere connection, and Belle informed him that she hasn’t experienced a mental health setback in more than a year.

However, Belle still has a sinister secret that is about to come to light and drive her over the brink.

Lachlan White is a significant aspect of her life that she hasn’t yet disclosed to Tom.

PC Swirling informs Belle that Lachlan is being sent to another jail, which is awful news. This sends Belle into a tailspin, and she confides in Vinny (Bradley Johnson) her worries about it.

She decides to keep it a secret out of concern that she can’t tell Tom (James Chase), who has already had a lot to accept. This secret festers as she schedules a session with her therapist.

Vinny discovers Belle in a horrible state after Jai (Chris Bisson) unintentionally provokes her at work, revealing how much she is struggling.

Her situation is made worse when Rhona (Zoe Henry) tells Tom sensitive information regarding the trauma Belle has endured.

Jai unintentionally sets Belle off. (Image from ITV)

Before Tom and Rhona can confront Jai about his worries that Belle has vanished, Tom wants the truth.

Tom becomes anxious, and when Chas (Lucy Pargeter) learns that she has vanished, the unusual duo join forces to look for her.

Before collaborating to locate Belle, they are forced to face their pasts, and when they do, they discover that she is in a very poor mental state. Has she been located in time?

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