Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan reveals ‘inappropriate things happen’ in Daisy sex twist

Ryan and Daisy in the Bistro kitchen in Coronation Street
Daisy and Ryan find themselves in an ‘inappropriate’ situation (Picture: ITV)

Despite being engaged to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) is about to make a grave error in forthcoming scenes on Coronation Street as she develops feelings for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott).

Their furious exchange occurs when Ryan, who Daisy is proud of, finally shares his scars with his fans in a video posted to his fitness account.

The actress Charlotte Jordan told us, “She’s really proud.” “I believe it has truly touched her.”

She wasn’t expecting him to act so quickly, but I believe she also believes that they have a strong bond because she was the one who persuaded him to come honest and she was the one who got through to him. He did this really rapidly.

“I believe it merely reaffirms to her that they do have an incredibly amazing connection and bond.”

Daisy, overcome with emotion, makes her way to visit him, but things don’t quite go as planned.

She only visits him to express her pride and admiration for him, but before you know it, a series of unsuitable events occur for a lady who is about to get married! Aw, Daisy!

Charlotte continued by saying that Daisy is aware that what she is doing is wrong, but she finds it difficult to stop.

Daisy and Ryan have a steamy moment (Picture: ITV)

‘Well, here’s the thing: she’s attempted to create distance between them, but whenever she’s in a private setting with Ryan, it all appears to go out the window and she completely follows her heart, which she always regrets,’ Charlotte explained.

However, she seems unable to assist herself. Everything revolves on their trauma bond—how no one else can truly comprehend what they’ve gone through or what keeps them together when she’s by themselves with him.

When Daniel comes on the door, things go worse, shocking Daisy and Ryan, as Charlotte disclosed.

She feels as though someone has dropped a bucket of cold water on her, bringing her back to reality and making her realize the seriousness of what she has done. Yes, I believe that fear and terror are the only factors.

Is he going to capture them red-handed?

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