Coronation Street and Hollyoaks star Lucy-Jo Hudson rushed to hospital

Lucy-Jo updated fans after she was taken to hospital (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Lucy-Jo Hudson, a former Hollyoaks and Coronation Street star, disclosed that she was sent to the hospital right away for a blood transfusion.

The actress, well known for her role as Donna-Marie Quinn in Hollyoaks and for playing Katy Harris on Corrie, turned to social media to provide her fans with an update, stating that she had gone through a “strange few days.”

I apologize for being so silent on this site, she began. “On Thursday afternoon, I was rushed to A&E because I needed a blood transfusion!” Because my HB levels were so dangerously low, I really needed two!

But I am recovering because to the incredible Salford Royal NHS workers.

“A huge thank you to Robert Jackson and Freddy—as well as your nurses—for making me feel so comfortable and taking such good care of me on the emergency assessment unit.” I sincerely appreciate all of your help in taking care of me.

“I’ll always be appreciative.”

According to Lucy-Jo, she is “resting” at home right now and will schedule more testing for the following week.

“I’m sending you all a ton of love,” the soap opera actress said. “And this isn’t an article meant to make you feel sorry for myself; rather, it’s meant to raise awareness of how crucial “self care” is in the crazy world we all currently inhabit.

Greetings and love.

Following her debut in 2018, Lucy-Jo departed Hollyoaks, and Donna-Marie Quinn left after a lengthy run as the main character and other recurring roles.

Lucy recently made her final appearance in Hollyoaks as Donna-Marie (Picture: Lime Pictures)

She said to, when asked if we will see her again, “Never say never!”

“I mean, I’ve always loved Donna-Marie, and I really enjoyed playing the oppressed character with the pale face, dark eyes, greasy hair, and yellow teeth in a show where everyone is so glamorous.”

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