Coronation Street star confirms if Courtney’s feelings for Aadi are genuine as she reveals ‘beautiful’ scenes to come

Is Aadi really Courtney’s match? (Image: ITV)

After it was revealed that Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) and Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) had an adulterous affair, Coronation Street viewers were very upset, to the point that her husband Darren (Ryan Early) threw her out.

Courtney is forced to move in with her young boyfriend Aadi as a result, but things aren’t working well in the family house.

Actress Stephanie Davis said, “For Courtney she’s completely made herself at home straight away in true Courtney style—feet up on the couch, taking forever in the shower.”

“Asha is causing annoyance to everyone, but Courtney is completely unaware of what she is doing.”

Darren promised Aadi that she would grow tired of him as soon as she learned he couldn’t provide her the life she had been used to. Courtney found out that Darren intended to divorce her and that their pre-nup meant she wasn’t entitled to a dime.

But is Courtney and Aadi’s friendship more than simply a lighthearted escapade?

Steph said, “She really does care about Aadi.” She really does love him, but I believe that since she has become so used to living the good life with Darren, her affections for him are beginning to show. Next, you’re like, “Wow. I now live in this reality. She does, however, like him.

She really feels something for Aadi. She really believes that he is this amazing guy and thinks the world of him. However, she has been engaging in toxic activities for such a long time that it seems like she always reverts to those flaws in her personality.

She actually feels something for him. Darren had already cheated on Courtney, as has been mentioned, and part of his strategy was to say, “I’m going to treat you how you’ve treated me and let’s see how you like it.” She’s hoping to elicit that response from him.

Courtney and Aadi moved in together. (Image: ITV)

Stephanie continued by saying that while it won’t be an easy road, her emotions for Aadi will become more evident with time.

As the story progresses, you’ll realise that they have a sincere, sweet little connection that will be shown in the scenes. They occasionally remind me of Marmite, in my opinion. You’re thinking, “Oh no,” and, “Actually, I can see these two together,” in different parts of your minds. In actuality, they make a nice couple.

They’re going to have some really sweet small bits together, and it’s just charming. Although she still loves him, the cracks are beginning to appear.

Stephanie acknowledges that Courtney misses Darren even though she is beginning to adjust to her new life with Aadi.

It’s difficult for Courtney since, in my opinion, she isn’t fully aware of what genuine love is. I feel terrible for her since she is unable to experience love.

I believe that due of her difficult upbringing, she thought that meeting Darren, a wealthy man, would be better than nothing. I get to live this opulent lifestyle, at least.

However, it’s like having money and not loving someone, or not having money and having someone who really cares about you, and you wonder which way she will go.

“She does miss Darren—it’s clear that she spent a lot of time with him—but does she miss her way of life more?”

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