Coronation Street spoilers: Paul’s emotional wedding request will break your heart

Paul is making a heartfelt request of the registrar (Image: ITV).

Soon to be married in Coronation Street scenes, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) will wed archdeacon Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) after receiving a motor neurone disease diagnosis earlier this year.

After losing control of his hand, Paul discovered he had the illness, although at first he sought to hide his diagnosis.

But before long, Billy had a court date about stealing, and the judge revealed his health condition in front of him. Billy was furious that he had been kept in the dark.

Despite a few bumps in their relationship in recent months, Paul and Billy decided to tie the knot after realising they wouldn’t be together for as long as they had planned.

Paul requests that Bernie and Gemma (Jane Hazlegrove and Dolly-Rose Campbell) do something extra special for him in later scenes.

Paul’s MND has become worse, making it harder for him to walk. As a result, he now uses a wheelchair.

He begs Bernie and Gemma to do the honours and support him along the way since he is determined to be escorted down the aisle on his special day.

Billy and Paul had no option but to have a civil wedding since they are a homosexual couple and cannot be married in a church.

Before they attend a meeting with the registrar, the couple is still quite excited about their big day.

One of the things they need to finalise as they discuss their wedding preparations is their musical selections. Regretfully, this is the point at which things get worse.

Paul begs that “Oh Happy Day” be played as their farewell song, but he is devastated to hear that religious music cannot be played at a civil service.

Given how much Billy values his religion, would he be able to enjoy their special day even if he works in the civil service?

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