Coronation Street star George Banks reveals Henry’s true intentions as he targets the Rovers and Gemma

Are Henry’s motives sincere? (Image from ITV)

After a five-year absence, Henry Newton (George Banks) has returned to Coronation Street, and he might be Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews)’s saviour in her fight to rescue the Rovers.

What specifically does he have in mind for ex-girlfriend Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) and are his motives sincere?

Jenny’s only chance to save the Rovers from going out of business was to sell it back to the brewery, so when Henry gently delivered the news to her that they weren’t going to purchase after looking at the books, she was distraught.

Actor George Banks admits that Henry’s motives are sincere this time despite his past of defrauding Jenny.

During his last visit to the street, he was on the verge of becoming the landlord. He, like many Corrie watchers, I believe, has a particular place in his heart for the Rovers. He appreciates visiting a location that his grandfather Cecil also enjoyed since he has many happy memories there.

The Rovers have some extremely important memories for him, and I don’t think he was aware of it until today. I also believe that he has a soft spot for his grandad. He values that location a great deal.

“So yeah, I think he is really trying to help, I don’t know if he is thinking about the business side and his heart is kind of ruling his head,” I said.

Following the terrible news, everyone rallies to defend their favourite local. George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) proposes that Gemma utilise her past with Henry to persuade him to reconsider.

Henry later admits that he only wanted to spend time with her, and George affirms that he still has love emotions for her when Gemma shows up at the hotel for what she believes is a meeting regarding a cider promotion.

Chesney follows Gemma Don when she meets Henry (Image: ITV).

“I do believe that it has a romantic element for him.” When you run across an old lover, you can’t help but go back on your time spent together, and for him, those were happy times before everything went south and he was to blame.

“I do believe that it also goes deeper with them.” I believe she gives him a sense of life. She helps him feel at ease with who he is, and he has never felt that way with anybody else.

To have someone serve as a reminder that you can be entertaining, polite, and capable of helping someone who is struggling. He finds it to be rather intoxicating.

Those emotions are beginning to return. But as the plot progresses, it will become clear whether or not he decides to take any action.

Henry is unaware that Gemma is truly married with four children and has decided to keep this a secret from him.

I believe that as time passes, he is primarily understanding that these sentiments are resurfacing and growing since he is unaware of Gemma’s status and the fact that she is married.

He makes a romantic gesture because he wants to express himself. For Gemma, it’s pretty stressful since she doesn’t want to endanger the pub’s future or his purchase of it. But they aren’t exactly on the same page.

The roles have been somewhat turned; this time, Gemma is using him to some extent while not being totally honest with him. He is not being told the truth. And he has decided to be open about his emotions in order to see whether she is responding in any way. He believes he has somehow earned himself a second chance.

Chesney soon learns about their rendezvous and makes his way to the hotel.

How will Chesney respond when Gemma swears she was only trying to preserve the Rovers at home?

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