Coronation Street spoilers: Heart attack terror as ailing Ryan collapses

Ryan spirals (ITV image)

As Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) passes out while running, his steroid addiction begins to negatively affect his life on Coronation Street.

The adored character, who struggles with low self-confidence, has started purchasing steroids covertly. The medications alter Ryan’s physical appearance, leading him to think that would improve his mental state.

Following his acid assault, Ryan’s attention has abruptly changed. He is now creating a covert social media account where he posts images of his physique and gains plenty of likes and followers.

When Ryan gets up, he takes a carton of steroids out from beneath his bed but finds that the vials have spilled all over the place.

Carla (Alison King), pointing out that he almost ever leaves his room these days, exhorts him to go out and have lunch with Alya (Sair Khan).

When Ryan enters his bedroom towards the end of the week carrying a needle and discovers Carla making his bed, Ryan’s emotions are once again put to the test.

He attempts to contain his rage while hiding the needle in his palm, but as soon as Carla walks out the door, he strikes the wardrobe out of rage.

Later, when Ryan is walking back after a run, he begins to feel his heart racing.

Gary will Ryan tell? (Image from ITV)

Gary (Mikey North) runs over and assists Ryan by encouraging him to take deep breaths just as his legs begin to give up.

When Gary sees Ryan drinking an energy drink, he asks whether he’s taken anything else as well. But what will Ryan say?

Ryan Prescott said, “I think that’s the last thing he’s thinking about,” inquiring as to whether Ryan had considered the dangers associated with the narcotics.

“He just latches onto that feeling of acceptance or glorification as soon as he gets it, whether it comes from admiration or someone complimenting his aesthetic for his body.” Much like how he clings to every relationship he’s ever been in.

He is clinging to anything pleasurable to divert his attention from truth, and the more he does so, the deeper he sinks into denial or illusion.

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