Coronation Street’s Cassie confronted over Abi’s deepfake horror as culprit ‘solved’

Coronation Street’s Cassie Plummer will find herself being called out amid Abi Franklin’s deepfake porn ordeal (Image: ITV)

Cassie Plummer of Coronation Street will come under fire in the wake of Abi Franklin’s deepfake porn scandal, as viewers believe they have identified the enigmatic perpetrator.

Next week, a character on Coronation Street will make fun of Cassie Plummer for making harsh jokes about Abi Franklin.

Fans speculate that Cassie may be the one responsible for Abi’s involvement in a deepfake porn scandal, wherein someone set her up with fictitious sex films. Tyrone Dobbs, her son, is now confronting her about her actions after she interfered in Abi’s marriage to Kevin Webster.

It remains to be known if Cassie is indeed behind the videos and the attack on Abi. Abi is aware that someone is attempting to destroy her and is out to get her.

Cassie is attempting to put a rift between her and Kevin at the same time, circulating rumours and creating a lot of drama. But Tyrone has had enough, and it appears Cassie will no longer be working at Kevin’s garage.

Next week’s spoilers indicate that Tyrone wants Cassie to make apologies in order to regain her job. She should apologise to Abi and Kevin, he says, taking off her tears for trying to instigate conflict between them.

Next week, a character on Coronation Street will criticise Cassie Plummer (Image: ITV).

Will she, however, act morally and make things right? Is Cassie exposed as the one behind the videos as well, or is there someone else trying to deceive Abi? Recently, we witnessed drug dealer Dean arguing his innocence when Abi accused him of being the one culpable.

Abi was shocked to learn that a sex tape she had no memory of from her past had been leaked online. She quickly discovered that she had been set up and that the person she had assumed was responsible was not.

In addition, there were other films, and it was soon discovered that these were deepfakes that had been edited to overlay a person’s face with Abi’s. Abi decided to investigate who was targeting her and why after realising she was being targeted.

Although Max Turner, Dean, and Cassie have all been suspected of creating the tapes, spoilers have not revealed who the true creator is. Next week, when the recordings are posted again, the horror will continue, and there will be some unfortunate news.

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