Coronation Street’s Kit Green star ‘splits with girlfriend’ weeks after joining soap

Coronation Street newcomer Jacob Roberts was in a relationship with is PR girlfriend for five years.

Jacob Roberts joined the cast of Coronation Street as Kit Green (Image: ITV)

After five years together, Coronation Street actor Jacob Roberts is said to have broken up with his girlfriend. The 33-year-old actor debuted in May as Christopher “Kit” Green, who was revealed to be Bernie Winter’s long-lost son (Jane Hazlegrove).

Only weeks after joining the ITV soap opera, Jacob has erased any evidence of PR Amy Harris from his Instagram account. The pair would regularly appear on one other’s social media in the past, enjoying dinners and date evenings together.

They both deleted each other from social media as of Monday, June 10, indicating the end of their five-year relationship. ITV reps have been approached by for a comment.

Jacob’s most well-known role prior to being cast as Kit was as a star of Hollyoaks. From 2017 till 2023, he played Damon Kinsella in the Channel 4 soap opera. He just moved from the town of Hollyoaks to the Cobbles, where Kit was thrown into the suspenseful plot of Lauren Bolton’s (Cait Fitton) murder.

After five years together, Jacob and Amy are said to have broken up. (Photo: ITV)

When Lauren disappeared inexplicably from Weatherfield in February, authorities were certain she had been killed in a brutal assault. After Kit was called in to help with the investigation, Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper) was soon taken into custody for his role in Lauren’s abduction.

Viewers are aware that Joel Deering (Calum Lill) killed Lauren, however. Jacob said it was “surreal” to have secured a part on the popular ITV soap opera, recalling the first time he entered the set.

“It actually felt a little overwhelming when I walked on set for the first time because of the incredible attention to detail; it really makes you feel like you are on a real street,” he remarked.

“Just before Christmas, I received a call, and I sent in a self-tape. When I didn’t hear back, I honestly pushed it to the back of my mind and didn’t give it much thought, assuming I wasn’t successful.”

The image, which is from ITV’s strict embargo, states that Kit is Bernie’s long-lost son. Monday, May 13, 2024, at 2101 hours on Coronation Street, episode 112666.

Jacob continued: “Around a month later I was invited to a meeting, which was more of a casual audition, and after this was the screen tests which still had five people auditioning for the part but in the end, I got it and was delighted.”

Kit hasn’t had a friendly conversation with his biological mother Bernie since moving to Weatherfield. Even though Jane wanted to be closer to her kid, she realised it may not be as easy as she had previously believed.

“I think Bernie would love to begin building a relationship with Kit and try to fix all of her wrongs,” the 55-year-old said in clarification.

However, she cautioned: “She has always imagined what he would be like but I think she perhaps realises that he’s not as decent as she had hoped he would be so she also now needs to face the reality of what and who he is rather than the imagined son she’s always kept in her head and heart for all of these years.”

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