ITV Coronation Street Abi’s deepfake culprit ‘exposed’ as cobbles favourite faces prison

Coronation Street Abi Franklin’s deepfake culprit appears to be ‘exposed’ next week as another cobbles favourite faces prison (Image: ITV)

Next week, Coronation Street will have dramatic scenes with the person responsible for the deepfake videos of Abi Franklin being “exposed”; but, is it the correct person?

The deepfake culprit behind Coronation Street Abi Franklin looks to be “exposed” next week, while another cobbler favourite is about to go to jail.

It’s only been lately that deepfake pornographic movies of Abi have been produced using AI and shared on social media on the internet. Abi is aware that someone is trying to harm her, even if she is unsure of who did it or why. Due to Cassie Plummer’s obvious emotions of jealousy towards Abi and for Abi’s husband Kevin Webster, people have thought for weeks that Cassie Plummer, her competitor, is to blame. Though it seems like the true culprit will be revealed next week, are they looking at the proper person?

In later scenes, Bethany Platt is hired by a posh magazine, but she is terrified of her first piece since it features Corey Brent, the murderer who killed Abi’s son Seb Franklin. The mechanic is shocked when Bethany phones the garage to break the news to Abi, filled with shame and dread.

Later in the week, Abi conducts further research and learns that Stefan Brent is not only the owner of the magazine that wants to publish a feature supporting Corey but also a board director of the production company that made the documentary about him last month. Based on this information, Abi assumes that Corey must have created the deepfake videos as retaliation.

Next week, Coronation Street Abi Franklin’s deepfake culprit is expected to be “exposed,” while another cobbler favourite is set to go to jail. (Photo: ITV)

After reporting Stefan to the police, Abi and her husband Kevin Webster watch in a desperate attempt to see their horror come to an end as DS Swain leads him into an interrogation room. Later, Bethany gives Abi a call at the garage and promises to leave her work if that’s what she wants, but she thinks it could be helpful to have someone inside who can keep an eye on Stefan. And soon after, Kevin contacts Bethany to ask whether she would truly want to assist. When she does, she grudgingly gives him her security card to Stefan’s offices.

Things go worse later in the week when Abi questions Kevin about why he wakes up at night. He explains it to stress but then uses a stolen cell phone to contact the salon and ask Max Turner if he can hack into it. Kevin tells Tyrone Dobbs it’s just another deepfake video when he opens an email and finds a video showing him breaking into Stefan’s workplace.

Soon after, Bethany notices Max using the phone and realises Kevin took it. She advises Max not to involve her family in the matter. Later, when Kevin shows up to Stefan’s workplace, the latter warns him that he could go to prison because of the video he took of Kevin breaking and entering. When Tyrone informs PC Craig Tinker that Kevin was the victim of a deepfake video, Abi is taken aback. Kevin gets home to find the two of them waiting, but will he report Stefan? Is Stefan the genuine offender, and might Kevin go to jail for breaking into Stefan’s office?

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