Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien gets own back on internet troll

Corrie fans are loving her response

Tina as Sarah in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

When an Instagram user attempted to harass Tina O’Brien and her soap character Sarah Platt this past weekend, the Coronation Street actress had the last laugh.

The soap actress, who moved to Weatherfield in 1999, is well-known for her portrayal as Sarah on the cobbles. She has since been prominently in a number of the soap opera’s most dramatic plots, and most recently, she started dating “bad boy” Damon Hay.

Behind her husband Adam Barlow’s back, Sarah started dating Damon, eventually becoming pregnant with Damon’s kid. After Adam learned the truth, they broke up.

Additionally, Tina and the Corrie executives have looked back at some of Sarah’s past relationship decisions, given the likelihood that her and Damon’s current relationship may fail shortly.

“As Sarah’s fiery fling with Damon looks set to come crashing down around her, Tina O’Brien takes a look back over Sarah’s disastrous dating history,” the official Corrie Instagram account said on Sunday.

The post included pictures of Sarah with Gary Windass, Aidan Critchley, and Callum Logan. Many people were quick to go into the comments area and talk about how the update brought back a lot of memories for them.

Additionally, Tina swiftly retaliated against a lady who made fun of Sarah. As said on social media, “She needs to learn to keep her legs close.”

Tina said, “I agree, It’s always a good idea to keep your legs close by in case you need them” . The reaction from Hannah, who said, “This is brilliant,” and Cassandra, who remarked, “Well done,” delighted Corrie fans.

Michelle said: “BURN!!!”

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