CORRIE-FYING Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby horrified as they get Harvey Gaskell bombshell in Coronation Street

Could Harvey be getting ready for revenge?

Next week, Nick Tilsley and Leanne Battersby will receive a letter from Harvey Gaskell that will rekindle old scars.

The sudden revisitation of Natasha Blakeman’s murder and Damon Hay’s involvement shocks the Coronation Street pair.

Leanne and Nick get a massive shock next weekCredit: ITV
They receive news about Harvey GaskellCredit: ITV
But they have no iea that Adam Barlow is behind it allCredit: ITV

Residents of Weatherfield are in for trouble because Harvey Gaskell (played by Will Mellor) is slowly returning to the cobblestones.

The murder of Natasha Blakeman has kept the offender in prison for a number of years.

Even though he committed the crime, a complete stranger has volunteered to stand up and take his place behind bars.

A family liaison officer will phone Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) the next week on ITV to inform him that Harvey is preparing an appeal after another guy has come forward and claimed to have murdered Natasha.

After telling Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) and Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths) about Nick and his partner Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) about Harvey’s plea, Damon surmises that his brother must be paying someone to carry the can.

And Damon is spot on, as Harvey has started to get out of jail with the aid of attorney Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson).

Watchers of the Manchester-based show will be aware that Adam came to Harvey for assistance because he was keen to get rid of his romantic rival, Damon.

If Adam agreed to assist Harvey escape his jail, Harvey promised to go along and get rid of Damon.

Eventually, Adam came to the realisation that someone had to be held accountable for Natasha’s death, and a guy by the name of John was prepared to do just that.

Adam was surprised to learn that John had cancer, however.

In further scenes that will show next week, Adam questions John about his real location on the night of Natasha’s death while he waits for his chemotherapy.

Adam then gives Harvey a call while he’s incarcerated and informs him that there is an issue with John’s evidence since there is CCTV video showing him going to a store when he was purportedly killing Natasha.

Adam is devastated when Harvey gives him the order to delete the video.

Is he able to pull it off?

Subsequently, Nick shares with Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) his concern for his son Sam’s welfare and Harvey’s request.

Dee-Dee asks for all the information and assures him that she will investigate, but it’s obvious that she senses something is up.

Upon Dee-Dee’s arrival back at the workplace, she asks Adam directly whether he is working on Harvey’s appeal.

How is Adam going to react?

Will Harvey and Adam’s scheme succeed?

Could Adam afford to pay the price?

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Adam is trying to get rid of Damon HayCredit: ITV
But could Harvey turn on him?Credit: ITV

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