Coronation Street’s Tina O’Brien reveals Sarah’s ‘worst ever choice’ of man – until the next one

Tina O’Brien thinks one of Sarah’s exes was much worse than the others (Picture: ITV)

Although Sarah Platt has a history of making poor romantic decisions, actress Tina O’Brien is very certain that one of her co-stars on Coronation Street had a worse lover than the others.

Sarah’s ex-husband Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) is not happy about her current fast-moving romance with local bad boy Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths).

Even while Damon has committed some wrongdoing in the past—bullying his own kid out of Weatherfield, for example—Tina believes that one of Sarah’s ex-boyfriends is the worst of them all.

Sarah started dating drug dealer Callum Logan in 2015 despite her family’s advice that he was not a good fit.

She didn’t end her relationship with Callum until she found out he had been using her daughter Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) as a drug mule.

“This was most likely her worst decision ever regarding men!” Tina disclosed.

“You want to stick it to David (Jack P. Shepherd), and you think if you flirt around me that will wind him up,” she said, letting me know precisely why she was pursuing me.

He was undoubtedly Kylie’s ex, but Sarah had already been to Milan and didn’t anticipate staying long. She simply thought, “Sod it, I’ll have a little fun, have a fling, and I’ll be gone in a week, what does it matter?” since she assumed she was going back.

Callum was Sarah’s ‘worst ever choice’ according to Tina (Picture: ITV)

She was tempted by Callum even though she knew he was a nasty lad and trusted her brother enough to see that he was a fool. I believe there may have been an allure to her provoking David as well; it was a matter of “don’t tell me who I can and can’t mess around with.”

After Callum attacked Sarah in a 2015 live show, things took a drastic turn for the worst. Thankfully, Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) intervened and murdered Callum to protect Sarah.

“I don’t think she intended for it to escalate into something serious, but it did, as evidenced by Callum’s death in the live episode.”

Will things go smoothly for Sarah and Damon? (Picture: ITV)

“I can still clearly recall sitting down for a meeting with producer Stuart Blackburn, who laid out the plan and informed us that it would be a live event.” I thought, “Wow.” If someone had informed me before, I would have been scared, but maybe that’s because I now understand how terrible a live episode can be. Instead, I felt strangely thrilled but not afraid.

Callum made an incredible comeback considering how wicked the character had been. Playing the consequences from that was also a lot of fun. How Sarah’s mental health suffered, how David became vile, and how Kylie developed a deep affection for Sarah. The dynamic in each of their relationships was altered by it.

Given Sarah’s past relationships, is her present relationship with Damon destined to end horribly as well? Tina is dreading the worst, much like a lot of other viewers.

Something about Damon has captured Sarah’s attention. She appreciates his type of old school charm, but he isn’t a pushover; they have a lot of banter and she can’t grow too big for her boots. She enjoys his playful nature and ability to make her laugh a lot; maybe this has been missing from her life for some time. She finds solace in their easygoing nature and their shared laughs.

Unfortunately, given her past and current decisions, I’d be shocked if something didn’t go wrong soon. They may not have much of a chance because of Damon’s past, his dubious background, and Adam’s determination to separate them and remove him from the picture. I have a terrible feeling that she is about to experience another heartbreak.

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