Popular Coronation Street star stuns with surprise return in new video clip

It’s safe to say that Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) has had every cause to have a face akin to a rainy Manchester Saturday following the last few turbulent months. However, as our latest spoiler video reveals, everything will change on Coronation Street next week.

The unexpected arrival of her intermittent love interest, Ryan Connor, with Ryan Prescott playing his well-liked character after a protracted absence from the cobbles, makes her frown completely reversed.

Daisy had all but given up on seeing the actor again, despite his earlier assurances to the contrary to his admirers.

After a horrific acid assault turned their lives into disarray for eternity, Daisy and Ryan were hopelessly entwined into one other’s worlds.

Daisy was engaged to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), but their relationship became closer after Daisy’s fiancé found out they had shared a bed.

Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon), who immediately went back into former Daniel’s arms, added another complexity to the situation.

Jenny presents Ryan like a Christmas gift – all that’s missing is a bow (Picture: ITV)

Ryan’s facial expression is all: ‘Damn right you’re happy to see me!’ (Picture: ITV)

In upcoming episodes, the simmering tension between Bethany and Daisy will reach a boiling point when a sensational piece penned by the journalist-in-waiting reveals Daisy’s extramarital affairs with Ryan.

Daisy will be seen writhing miserably on the couch next Friday, March 1, informing an irate Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) that she doesn’t want to chat before going off on a tirade about Bethany.

Oh, you guys, in that classic sitcom situation where “I’ve got something to tell you!” causes continual disruptions, Jenny quits up attempting to break the news of Daisy’s guest and allows Ryan’s arrival do the talking.

“Miss me?” he questioned, to which a great many of Corrie fans will fervently agree.

Daisy’s smile betrays even more happiness, and they still have a lot of catching up to accomplish.

What then happened to Ryan’s romance and new life with Crystal, and what has brought him back?

Daisy’s not bitter. No, really she’s not. Well, maybe a bit. Okay, a lot. (Picture: ITV)

He and Daisy still seem to have a spark, so will they try anything together?

Daisy has a busy episode because she gets even with Bethany by snooping on her employer and forcing her to resign.

Actress Charlotte Jordan, nevertheless, maintains that Daisy does not really want to fire her rival—despite her little joy in serving up some justice.

She concludes that what she had previously believed to be true about Bethany, but Charlotte isn’t discounting the possibility of the two of them burying their differences in the future.

Daisy is just happy to have Ryan back and what it may mean before then.

Will things just continue where they left off? (Image: ITV)

“I think this will be a real shock to Daisy’s system because she fully assumes that Ryan is happy and living his best life in Glasgow,” the source informed us.

Daisy was already feeling quite alone when Bethany returned, but now that she lost Ryan to Crystal, she feels even more alone.

“I firmly believe Daisy will embrace Ryan’s return into her life!”

I’m not sure whether it’s healthy, but I do believe people should give it a go in order to realise that it may not be as healthy as they think—or maybe it will! Therefore, yes, I would want to see them try it and see what occurs.

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