Coronation Street’s Todd Boyce reveals the three characters who will bring down killer Stephen

Eventually, the truth must come out (Image: ITV).

Given that it’s growing tougher for the character to get away with being a repeat killer, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) may soon get the much-anticipated payback on Coronation Street.

“The walls are beginning to enclose him,” Todd Boyce gave us confirmation. It all seems to be falling apart behind the scenes just when he thinks he is reaching where he wants to be.

Todd expressed to us his opinion that the Corrie writers had been quite astute in constructing the plot in a way that would eventually lead to Stephen’s previous transgressions coming back to haunt him. Of course, we’re talking about the murders of Leo and Teddy Thompkins (Joe Frost and Grant Burgin), as well as the more recent murder of Rufus Donahue (Steven Meo), a competitor in Stephen’s line of work.

The fact that Rufus was killed by being submerged in a swimming pool may be Stephen’s downfall. Todd said, “All these little things are beginning to add up.” “For the time being, he still believes that he can talk his way out of all these predicaments, but how is he going to explain the equity release letter and what is the state of his mental health at this point as he struggles with the investigation into Rufus’ death?”

Audrey (Sue Nicholls) could learn about Stephen’s scheme to steal her money from her if she receives the letter from the equity release business. There are three additional ladies Todd believes might end Stephen’s reign of terror in addition to Audrey, who Todd believes may wind up being a pain in Stephen’s side.

Todd made the observation that “there are all these women in particular, who he hasn’t necessarily harmed personally, but he has by association.” It’s intriguing because these are the individuals who are understanding things. When Sarah (Tina O’Brien) learns about the equity release, she still has faith in him, but for how long? And Carla (Alison King) is beginning to see how LSD is connected to Rufus and her “psychoses.”

Carla will start to question if she was given LSD. (Image from ITV)

Prior to Stephen drowning Rufus, he had been giving Carla LSD that he had stolen from Rufus in an effort to make her believe she was going through a psychotic episode. Since Rufus’ memorial service and Lou’s assertion that her husband’s death was suspicious, Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and Carla have been closely monitoring the businessman. Could this be the moment when he makes a mistake?

Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews), another character, could figure out what Stephen has been up to if Sarah and Carla are unable to. While Todd warned that she could be the one who ultimately sees straight through him, Stephen is ecstatic to finally be dating the landlady.

She is the apple of his eye, he is crazy about her, and he can’t believe they are finally together. He claimed that since they first met, being with her had been his dream. He just wants her on his arm because she is humorous and attractive. He only believes she is the best. Back then, she captured his attention, and that was all. She is a persona. She is ferocious and will not back down.

The problem is that his love of smart, outspoken women can be his undoing. What is to say Jenny won’t do it as well? Gabrielle got the better of him.

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