Emmerdale spoilers: Cathy returns and her struggles are worse than ever

She has returned home (ITV image).

Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) departed the village earlier this year under a cloud, but as she makes her significant Emmerdale homecoming, it appears the storm front is still holding off.

The youngster moved home with her brother Scott up in the Lake District in April after leaving the community in an effort to recuperate from her health problems.

She had struggled for months to deal with her severe mood swings and heavy periods. Things had gotten so terrible that she had even yelled at her father and hurt him.

She had difficulties concentrating in class or during tests, and in an effort to escape her problems, she even started stealing vodka bottles to drink in a field.

It is hoped that Cathy has made a turn for the better as she prepares to leave the Lakes and resume her life. Has she benefited in any way from her time spent away from her friends and family?

Cathy departed so that she could see her brother (ITV image)

The disturbed youngster will experience further stress when she returns to find her father recuperating from a heart attack. However, she only admits her true situation when Wendy sits her down.

Cathy breaks down in front of Wendy and admits that she still suffers with her health.

In actuality, things are worse than ever. How terrible have things really gotten?

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