Corrie fans ‘work out’ who ran over Eliza in dark twist – and it’s a ‘familiar face’

Following Eliza’s recent accident on the ITV soap opera, Coronation Street viewers are suspicious and think they know who really caused it, in a sinister turn of events that coincided with a new character’s entrance.

A sinister new notion has emerged among Coronation Street watchers about a recent accident and whether or not a specific newcomer was involved.

On Monday night, viewers of the ITV soap opera saw tiny Eliza being struck by a vehicle after she ran away from her grandpa, Stu Carpenter. An oncoming automobile rushed by and struck Eliza’s arm and side as she was getting out of the car and storming across the road.

After Eliza from Corrie fell to the ground and was taken to the hospital, she was informed that she needed a cast since she had broken her arm. But the automobile seemed to have driven off in the aftermath of the collision. Not only was the vehicle moving quickly in the first place, but the enigmatic driver also didn’t exit the vehicle and seemed to drive off in a hit-and-run. Eliza was Stu’s main concern, and while she was treated at a hospital, it seemed that no one knew who had driven the automobile.

In a sinister turn of events, viewers believe they have identified the guilty party—who may even be someone you know well. That morning, Dom was supposed to meet his daughter Eliza, but he arrived late and did not show up. Could that have been Dom rushing to the home to see her as Stu and Eliza left?

Regarding a recent accident, fans of Coronation Street have developed a sinister new hypothesis (Image: ITV)

If that’s the case, he would have wounded his own daughter on the road after running her over. The damaged wing mirror that fell off after striking Eliza gives viewers the impression that Dom was responsible for the mishap and would reveal his identity. “Who thinks her dad was driving the car that knocked her down and then drove off in Corrie?” a fan asked on social media. This notion was supported by a number of viewers, who said, “Yep, thought of that right away,” and “I was thinking the same.”

A third admirer said, “I assumed that was why he was late. A little too quickly. “I’m going to fast,” a fourth person remarked. told my daughter the same thing. That was most likely the father.” “It crossed my mind,” and “Me & it should’ve been reported to the police as it was a hit-and-run incident,” were among the other comments that continued flooding in. The makers didn’t give that one much thought.”

In the meanwhile, a soap opera fan calculated how Dom would be discovered, assuming he is the culprit. “We’ll have to see if his wing mirror is missing the next time he’s on with his car,” they wrote. We are aware that he lacks the funds to repair it.”

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