Emmerdale viewers ‘solve’ what Cain and Caleb are hiding – and it’s ‘linked to Tom King’

Viewers of Emmerdale think they know what Cain Dingle, who organized a covert road trip with his brother Caleb Miligan on the ITV soap opera, has confided in him about.

Because Cain Dingle is obviously concealing something on the ITV soap opera, Emmerdale watchers believe they know what he is up to, and this information may be connected to another ongoing plot.

In a recent episode, Cain was shown confiding in his brother Caleb Miligan and proposing a covert road trip with an unidentified goal. Cain concealed a message or notice from others around on his phone, but judging on the expression on his face, it worried him. Suddenly, he asked Caleb whether his brother wanted to come along and murmured about maybe leaving the hamlet as soon as possible. After hearing Caleb’s yes, Cain said, “And this goes nowhere, otherwise it all falls apart.”

What are the two up to since neither Cain nor Caleb gave any indication of what they had planned or where they were going? Fans of the ITV soap opera started to conjecture that it could have anything to do with another character and a recent storyline they were engrossed in.

Think you know what Cain Dingle is up to? Emmerdale fans do (Image: ITV)

Tom King seemed to be concealing something only last week after he was assaulted and his fancy new automobile was taken. He took offense at girlfriend Belle Dingle for disclosing the incident and refused to provide the police with all the information. A few things didn’t fit up, notably Tom’s want to flaunt his automobile and the assailants’ revelation of who they were. Then, he withheld part of his narrative of what had transpired and objected to police intervention.

Tom sustained an assault (Image: ITV)

According to a recent notion, Cain, Belle’s brother, may have some connection to the stolen automobile and be somehow implicated in the conspiracy. Viewers are wondering whether he and Caleb are investigating who stole it or if it has anything to do with the theft. Perhaps they will get the answer in the course of Caleb’s new vehicle business endeavor with Nicky and Nate, which he hopes Cain will soon join.

A fan posted on social media with the following comments: “Think they are going after Tom’s car,” and “Cain probably finds out who stole Tom’s car and brings Caleb along.” A third admirer said, “Maybe it has to do with the car theft.”

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