CORRIE-FYING Coronation Street’s Chris Fountain shares rare health update one year on from suffering stroke

One year after having a stroke, THE soap star provides fans with an update on his health.

Chris, 35, who is best known for playing Tommy Duckworth on Coronation Street, confessed he worried “life as he knew it” was ended after learning he suffered a TIA due to a blood clot stuck in his brain.

Chris undergone heart surgery after suffering a stroke
He was fired from Corrie in 2013, where he played Tommy DuckworthCredit: ITV

The actor spent five days in a London hospital after suffering a mini-stroke in August of last year.

Chris has now devoted his life to bringing attention to the issue, dedicating himself to events like finishing the London Marathon.

To commemorate a year after the event that changed his life, he posted on social media.

“One year ago today,” he wrote. I’ve had to make a lot of adjustments, but things have gotten significantly better. Life can change in an instant.

“No matter how difficult things become, stay as optimistic as you can, enjoy life to the fullest, and never give up.”

Additionally, he recorded a video of himself saying: “It’s been a strange thing to grasp my brain around. I have a part of me that worries about whether I will have another one today.

But I also have a part of me that is really proud of how I’ve recovered. I’ve completed a marathon and am now physically fit again, and my speech is almost back to normal.

“This year has been fascinating. I just wanted to take this chance to express my gratitude to everyone who has been encouraging, who has offered me guidance, and who has offered me good words.

I was in a hospital bed wondering what the heck was going on at this time last year, and today I’m feeling terrific.

Chris ran the London Marathon earlier this year in under four hours.

He prepared for the race to raise money for the Stroke Association, and after he finished in April, he posted an emotional update.

“I DID IT!!!!!!!” he said. from having a stroke in August to finishing a marathon in under four hours. I’m quite proud of myself.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported me by cheering, giving, running beside me, and doing everything else. I’m overjoyed. Will always remember this sensation.

Brooke Vincent, Richard Fleeshman, and Adam Thomas, all cast members of Coronation Street, congratulated their friend and coworker on their success.

In 2003, Chris made his soap opera debut in the Chester community Hollyoaks when he was cast as Justin Burton.

He began acting as Tommy Duckworth on Coronation Street in 2010.

But after being fired after being exposed as a YouTube rapper who had used songs that encouraged violence against women, his acting career was in risk.

Chris has expressed regret for his behavior and stated he is “ashamed and embarrassed” over the words he used in a “moment of madness as a young man”.

I know what I did was wrong, and I’m ashamed of it, he added.

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, made errors we hope to learn from, but because it happened ten years ago, I’m never allowed to forget what I did and go on.

Chris said: “I’m just going to keep pushing forward, go for jobs I love and hope that casting directors will see me for the man I am now, not the one mistake I made a decade ago.” Chris is adamant on resurrecting his TV career.

Chris completed the London marathon to raise money for the Stroke AssociationCredit: Instagram

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